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    What's going on in Egypt?

    Country is in turmoil. No guarantee the army will do any better in the interim
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    Blame Ourselves or Blame the Rulers?

    See this Its a cool website with lots of philosophy!
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    Saudi Drivers Top the World in Road Deaths

    May be its time to allow women to drive and let them set the standard which the men can aspire to.
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    Saudi paedophile to be beheaded

    May be if the West took such a stance against this kind of evil (which is prevalent in society) these sickos will think twice before committing their vile act on innocent children.
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    Stupid Sarkozy speaks out against burka

    It might be worth looking at what French Muslim women citizens have to say about it - and there is a more recent Europe -wide Pew study on the same subject I believe -
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    Shariah Law in Swat, Pakistan

    All well and good, but the Taleban do not carry out shariah as is meant to be- they use excessive force and extreme measure to carry out actions- this includes beating up males who are beardless, punishing barbers who shave off the beards of people, closing and burning schools, stoning without...
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    Taking The Husband's Name After Marriage

    I would have prefered my wife keeping her family name and not taking mine but we registered at office (post nikah) and hence her names bears my family name- I don't like it that way and we were discussing it the other day- but she never changed her documents, I think apart from one bank account...
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    The Cost of Sharon’s Medical Treatment Burdens Israel

    Why don't they just cut off what is keeping him alive and speed his entry to the Hell Fire....
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    Terror in Mumbai - Another Angle - What do you think??

    As all this happened in the land of Bollywood, expect a movie soon...
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    India VS Pakistan Latest news (please read and pray)

    Heat of the moment we say many things- those who realise what they said and know it to be wrong and then ask for the acts to be forgiven are the best- so well done br for showing humbleness. I have many hindus who I work with- what they may think is also going through my head- but we should...
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    Mumbai blasts - The inside story

    And why should you expect muslims in general to apologise? We may do that when the christians apologise for the evil they commit daily in Iraq and Afganistan. And the evils of the Zionist against the Palestinians? Are you going to ask them to apologise too? When Israel demolishes three...
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    IS THIS TRUE????

    MJ would do anything to gain attention- maybe this is just another one of his weird behaviour or maybe he was told by the Prince of Bahrain who was suing him. "become muslim and I will forget your debt".
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    Mumbai blasts - The inside story

    Great cut and paste job.
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    Arabic course-Quran language-The Madinah Books Series

    Onthur ila Anis Shoroshin Al Majnun (1) Itha dakhal Hiwaran ma'a Shaikhin Hanun (2) Fada'a Wahidun min al Hunafa' An Yagra'a Qur'anana Bilisanin Arabiyin mubeen (3) Fahawal Jahidan walakin lam Yantug ila bil-hathiri Al Hajeen (4) Fadahika Al hatheroona wa galu hatha la yalegu bil 'aageleen (5)...