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    What are their names? Mines are Aurora, Aubree and Fintan :)
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    I love them! I am owned by three :D:muslim_child:
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    Salaam/ Hello.

    I used to use this forum 2 years ago, stopped and now I'm back. :)
  4. OneSquared me plz

    :salam2: OMG I'M SCARED OF THEM TOO It's my ONLY animal phobia Can't help ya I need some help myself UGHHHHHHHH
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    Where is the proof that women must cover their heads?

    Both muslims and non muslims ask me this question.
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    Where is the proof that women must cover their heads?

    Assalamu Alaikum everyone, I am a sister in Islam, who only a few months ago started wearing Hijab. Alot of people tend to ask why is this nessary, where is the proof that this needs to be done. I believe that women ought to practise Hijab...(and men also) I came across this article which...
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    Almost ready to take Shahada

    Peace! I'm Lauren too (born Muslim though) :ma: Inshallah you will be given the guidance and become Muslim soon
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    Share your Dream

    :salam2: Well I will share a dream I had a few nites ago. I dreamed that Mary (May Allah be pleased with her) was holding on to me and I was the Prophet Issa (AS) (A bit strange since I am a sister) And another time I dreamed not to long ago that Sura Baqarah was only resounding in my...
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    Countries & Cities... new game

    ahhh I'm from Trinidad :D hehehe Ok I'm gonna say Dominica
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    Sushi :P ;)
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    Muslim Names Game

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    Name a surah!

    Sura Luqman
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    70 ways to earn rewards from Allah

    :salam2: Thank you for this brother. I am sharing this with people :) :wasalam:
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    Countries & Cities... new game

    Orange County