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    Please read this ... it took alot of courage to write this.

    thank you for sharing this with us may Allah (glorified He may be) grants you happiness in both worlds. Amin.
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    Just Joined Today!!

    Hello Crystal Welcome to TTI Hope you enjoy your stay and get to learn useful things. I pray that Allah (glorified He may be) grants you happiness in both worlds. Amin.
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    Saudi family to take Jinn to court for harassment

    There is a whiff of over-reporting and over-reacting in this story. After all 40% of people in a "1st world" and generally secular country believe in "spirits" ... And we in Islam believe that Jinn do exist. I'd welcome anyone who doesn't agree...
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    good idea I offer my services Male, UK. Speaks Arabic but don't know much tajweed.
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    Sarkozy or Jewkozy ?

    To me Sarkozy is a politician with one religion: power. I'd not be surprised if he had similar photos wearing a turban. The Jews do not control the world. Conspiracy theories are a lazy way of understanding the world. The "origin" of any person means very little especially from the religious...
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    Somali Man stoned!

    vegangoth need to discuss the basics before you go on to talk about Shariah. You may find a lot of Shariag does not make sense or ruthless cruelty since you don't believe in God and the hereafter. We may agree or disagree about the suitability of a certain punishment. E.g. cutting hand for...
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    Forever Gone.............

    Dear brother, you seem to have lots of emotional energy. Perfectly normal. GET MARRIED !!
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    salaaam! i'm just new here!

    wa alaikoom assalam welcome to TTI
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    BBC:Big Question, Banning Burkah

    Islam sees modesty as a natural part of being a human, more so being a woman. I bet you if the majority of women were asked whether modesty is a good thing they would answer with a resounding YES. If your starting point is that promiscuity is a good thing then we have no meeting grounds...
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    Assalamo Alaykom!!

    wa alaikoom assalam wa rahmatu Allahi wa barakatoho welcome to TTI & congratulations on your reversion funny that I should make this post after such a long time !
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    Muslim smokers worse than cows: Malaysia cleric

    forward to my brother I don't agree completely but he has got a good point
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    Journal of a new Muslim

    :salam2: Please help spread this message aqLaLlLi2ZA
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    China worried about U.S. Treasuries

    Thank you brother bluegazer for these articles. There is so much being said about US/China symbiotic relationship. I don't think this is true. China are the haves and the US are the have nots. The only reason this relationship persist because it would be less of a loss (i.e. not a win) for...
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    Money as Debt

    Assalamu aleekoom wa rahmatu Allahi wa barakatoho Dear brother, first it is nice to see you back. A thorough and detailed post as usual. I have seen the video you mention. Some of quotes did look OTT. But I have to agree with the over all message in it as it does make sense. If you are...
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    Bro/Sis from UK.....need ur help!