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  • Assalamu alaykum

    InshaAllah we will make lots of dua for him :) Give him some hugs and kisses for me okay? :)

    Assalamua alikum

    Sister I'm soo sorry to hear this bad news!!! May Allah help you all through this tough time!! Ya Allah please help them!!! I'm actually crying right now :SMILY23:

    I'm sorry, I cant right anymore
    Walikumasalam dear sis, :)
    Sorry I didnt really tell anyone, till they asked.
    I hope you are in good health and imaan.
    HOpe that your live is going well.
    Remember me in your dua's sis.
    Love for the sake of Allaah. Xx
    assalamo alaikom

    if you get this..come online..i will be on for a bit inshallah

    wa alaikom assalam wa rahmato Allah wa barakatoh
    JazakAllah khair ukhti, dont worry im pretty used to it as well :) i also live in north america so inshallah dont worry but i see some positive response too so im happy to see that Mashallah

    keep up the good work sis :)

    May Allah (swt) bless u for ur hard work - ameen
    aslam o alaikum sis,
    I hope urin best state of health and imaan - ameen

    i was just wondering could you pass me the link of ur blog if you dont mind i would like to see it :) inshallah taala

    i didn't find the link on ur profile
    SIS, i read your post regarding our prophet Mohammad. It was just extremely good. I would definitely not be able to write something like that. I also like your approach in combating the haters reply. It is better to laugh it off and reply in a more polite way rather than getting angry. That would annoy them more and hopefully it will lead to gain more knowledge on Islam. Good job, and please continue your good work. If you don't mind, can I know are you a college student or a high school kid?
    lol sis!!!!!! LUV u back!!!!!!!:D
    actually- i haven't read a lot- but I will- don't worry- I can control my temper well- although there most probably WILL be smart-aleck comments:lol:
    I'll support u all the way sis!!!!!!:D
    I'm glad i joined- though the site is a bit confusing to get around:lol:

    Salam sis!!!! I'll be seeing u on both sites:D

    :hearts: :hearts: :hearts:
    walaikum salaam,
    wat i mean is to be a muslim in true sense which i guess vry few of us are...isnt it so???

    jazakallah khairn
    yeah,that lil girl us my niece from UAE :)...
    she so cute isint it?thats y i put her pic in my display.:)
    haha Masha-Allah,keep the same thoughts in your mind and move ahead,you are having an ocean of knowledge ahead of you,and dear ukhti,
    This is akhi not ukhti :D lol!!! y u people always call me sis or ukhti hahaha,there in my profile I mentioned that I AM MALE but!!!!
    salamualikum sis, jazakAllahu khairan to your reply on niqab- Allah raise you to the highest mustawah!
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