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    Muslim Names Game

    asalam alaykum Dahab NEXT LETTER:'B' walaykum salam
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    how MYSPACE upset me today

    BIG question salaam alykim brothers and sisters seeing all the threads about myspace, i would like to ask if it is haram or halal? i have myspace but i dont use what some people might use it for if you kno what mean i have some non-muslim friends but i hardley talk to them on there i...
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    Questions about enemies

    enemies ASLAM ALYKUM...! i dnt hav much enemies, but even though i hav some >i try not to think about about them too much bcoz everytime i think about them i only thiink about the bad things they did and do bcoz they never do gd anit so if i dnt think about them then i want think about...
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    Would you Marry a...

    yes i would ...>> but it depends on wat their like !!!:hearts:
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    Baby Sudais

    asalam alykum brother & sister Mashallah this boy is very cute and has a beautiful soft voice mashallah may allah bless him:ma:[/FONT]