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  • Asalamu 3alaikum are u?
    Ramadan Kareem Ukht n Thnx 4 da add
    Lol!! :D:D No dear, definitely NOT these nicknames!!... hehehe. Try something else..:)
    The weather is pretty cool here as well.. but exceptionally dry! :(
    So, what do you do nowadays?? whats up? ur 14 rite? Cool so your my little sis:D Hows school going? Mine goin ok...but loads of homework :(
    take care!
    hw r u? whats up? :D hws ur fast goin? mine not goin too well today :(

    take care my lil sis!
    Ahem Ahem, dear!! You are 14 and thinking about what name you should give to your daughter!!! "GAH"!!..hehehe..;) Just kidding.

    Well, the place near Madina is called "Mina" not " mona"...;):).
    Anyways, how is it going in Canada?? Ramadhan going good?
    Take care, princess..(Thats my nickname for you..:D)
    lol yea and the sun and moon is up, and lotsss and lotsss of other things subhnAllah! lol

    my name is Shaima

    and your name is...........MOONA!!! ask me how I guessed, hehe

    NO THE SKY IS UPP!!!!! lol kidding

    nothing much, just gonna go pray asr. it was nice meeting u too! :D
    salaam :)

    Moona eh? mashaAllah :)
    My name is Asmaa :D

    Hows ur day been sis? :)
    and how was that salmon? *ok ok im a greeeedi sis llol* :D hope it was well :)

    Enjoy ur iftaar today and pray for me n my family plsssssssss :D
    love u huni

    Wassalaam :D
    I am fine too, little princess...:D:D
    What's your name, by the way:)??
    Keep in touch and take care..
    Your 7 months older sister...:D:D
    Assalamu alikum..

    Hehe yeaah Ramadan is a kind of "eid" whole the way alhmd.. :D:D

    My ramadan is going Great alhmd.. good to hear that urs is also good..

    Moona mashaAllah what a beautifull name.. so where do u come from hunii.??

    My name is Nermin- live in denmark, but originally iraqii :D ;)

    Take lotss of care..

    Love u !

    May Allah swt be with you every step that you take,
    May HE guide you with each decision you make,
    May HE help you when life gets rough,
    May HE lift you when you've had enough,
    May HE protect you when you fall,
    May HE hear you when you call,
    May all your duas be accepted,
    May you always be in Allah swt's loving hands.

    Ramadan Mubarak
    Assalamu Alaykum
    Jazakillahu khair for the invite
    hope you doin well
    Wasalamu alaikum
    Wa alykumus salam! :)
    How are you sister?? Thank you very much for the invite..:hearts:
    Ramadhan Mubarak. Hope your fasts are going well.
    take care.
    Wa'alaikum al salam sweety..

    Alhmdulilah I'm suuper - and good to hear from u?

    So how's ur Ramadan going on? inshaAllah Great! :D:D

    Så wats ur name sweety ? <3

    nice to meet ya..

    Take care..

    Wassalam honeii
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