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  • lloOoOoll mashaALlah sounds ymmmmmmmyy can i join u for iftaar again llol :p

    hmmm we had lasagne today Alhumdulillah also some stir fry i had to cook for my brother llol :D
    and a cookie dessert *totally yumminess* llol
    and an indian sweet dish for starters hehe
    and extremely unhealthy sruff *spring rolls, pastries, samosas*

    thats about it llol :d mashaALlah
    i hope im not making u feel hungry llol ::D if i am then pls do forgive me hehe

    Love u sweetii
    So wats ur name? :D

    wassalaam :D
    heheheheh our iftaar is done.. actually some tym ago llol :D
    mashaALlah so yeh i have a full stomach haha i think i ate too much llol :)

    bet u cant wait hun
    so wats on the menu this evening? :)
    yh sis hehe :)
    yh sis after a long time talking to them alhamdulillah:)
    you seem very nice mashaallah:) glad to meet you :D
    hope you have a good iftaar inshaAllah just a few hours to go now :)
    Assallamu alaykum beloved sis
    Ramadhan mubarak
    how are you??
    jazakillahu khaiyr for the add
    hope your well inshaAllah
    take care :) x x x
    Alhumdulillah me is well hun

    JazakAllah khair for asking
    yeh my fast was so good Alhumdulillah and urs dear?
    Assalamu alikum sister...

    Thnx for ur friendship request sweety..

    How r you? and hoow's ur ramadan going? :D:D

    take care

    //ur sis Nermin
    Assalamalikum sis!!!
    lol u got ur profile!! congratz on that i dnt hve to pm anymore :D
    anyways whts up?
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