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  • salaamu'alaykum deary dear! :D

    Wasup these days? hows things goin for ya?

    its like totally freeeeeeeeeeeeeeezing here man llol :D

    u tc wassalaam
    Alhamdulilah everything is good.
    Its nice to hear from you again...

    and you still not well? :( may allah swt grant sabr and shifah... ameen!
    Subhanallah your so ill yet your always smiling and seem happy! may allah swt bless you and enter you into Jannah tul Firdows! ameen!

    take care my dear sister!
    keep smiling :)

    Assalamu alykum Rukkki! :D :D :D

    Ameeen! I hope allah swt has accepted my umrah!
    alhamdulilah I am doing great! I hope you are feeling loads better inshaAllah :)

    no need to forgive anything and a rather late Ramdhan Mubarak to you as well!
    may allah swt grant you shifah and accept your Du'as :)

    missed you loads...look forward to hearing from you inshaAllah
    take care!

    *brotherly hugs*
    Alhamdulilah- sounds so good! Smile! this dunya is not worth it honey!

    Take care too! inshaAllah may Allah ta'ala help u! he is there! forever!
    & u r strong enough! So MWaaaaH! from ur sis who Loves u lootss!

    tight Hugggs and kiss for u! <3 <3 :)
    Assalamu alaikii ukhtii!

    Ohhh i'm sooo soryy for u! it makes med unhappy to hear that u r not well?!

    sister- U r stronger than this world, and remember after every hardship there is an ease right? :)

    Mwaaaah! I love u too my Sweet sugarr sis! :D

    Take looooootss of care 2

    Tightesst hugGGs!
    Ur sis nermin
    wa alaikom assalam

    Thanks so much honey , it's kind of u to say salam to me :)
    I'm okey al 7amdulillah , wara bout you ?
    thn*!*!*! sister!!!

    Oh i'm sooo happy to hear from u :D:D:D:D

    Im ok- what about u?
    Love u too lootss! take care!

    InhsAlllah u'll be super dupeerr soon :D

    mwaaaaaah! <3
    Wa'alykumas salam my dear sweet sis,
    I am so sorry,I am so busy that I dont get to time to check TTI,
    hope ur in the best of your psychical and spiritual health and enjoying ur life ...
    take gud care and plz do remember me in your du'as i badly needs them,I am going through the toughest time of my life...
    keep smiling always
    will c ya soon..
    Ma'as salamh
    hey huni

    sorry i was just bombarded with so much thoughts lol
    yeh i was a little sad :$ but im better now Alhumdulillah 1 hour recovery hahahaha

    hope ur well tc wassalaam :D
    sorry i was away.

    inna lilLahi wa inna ilayhi raaji'un. may Allah forgive her sins and enter her in jannatul firdaws. ameen

    tc wassalaam
    Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi sister...

    how are you! it's SO long since i've heard from you!
    I'd wish to hear from u! or just do anything to feel better!! :(

    Rukii I miss you!
    Hope to hear from u! and hope everything's ok :)

    Big TightHugg From ur sister-

    Keeping u close to heart!

    take care! I LOVE YOU AS A SIS!

    Wassalam //Nermin
    ur gone :(

    just wanted to say salaamz :(
    missing you and ur perky msgs A LOT

    i wish i could just help you feel better :(
    get well soon ukhti :(, i feel so sad when i hear ur not well :( :(

    *bigFATjuicySQUISHYsquashyHUG* :)

    always in my heart and thoughts Rikku ;)
    if you view our convo, i said in there somwhere, something like "dont bother texting me" becasue my fone had gotten lost. i was juts reading that and i kinda realised how rude that sounds :S i am SO sorry hun, didnt mean to be rude. :)

    just wanted to say like there was no point in texting me llol

    hope ur oki now
    take care always and pray for me pls and my family

    yeh LOL remember kiss kiss lol :D

    get well soon COMPLETELY, may Allah give u shifaa kaamilah aajilah mustamilah ;) aameen

    love u too sis
    me urm im just surfin the net
    my bro came home today so we wre havn jokes with him llol :D

    u sed u wernt well, how about now eh?
    hop eur betetr

    listen sis i myt be off ok?
    love u always
    x x xx


    sorry i cnt text, inshaAllah i will do.

    which ones u wnated again? i accidently deleted ur text :S :redface:

    the fall form the bed one llol and..?
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