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  • TTI is addictive... so true.. :)
    But thats not good! nothing addictive is good. But TTi is good!

    does that make sense to you?! Loll :D
    Same here.. just logging in and out of TTI. Loll.
    got exams so just revising and stuff. Actually, i try to get revision done but i just end up logging in here! Loll
    Loll..... i think your rep on TTI is much better than mine.. so they wont think that! Loll

    Sister.. you're so funny :D
    You make me laugh....

    so what you been up to recently? Sorry for the delayed reply.. totally forgot to reply :redface:
    Salaaaam Sister,
    MashAllah u have a beautiful name ! Im doing good Alhamdulillah and hope the same for you. I think you ar an Indian or Pakistani. :biggrin:!
    Anywayz, it is always good to meet new sisters on TTI !Alhamdulillah !
    Take Care sister !
    ~ Afrah !
    Salaam dear sister :)
    I miss you too girl. Alhamdulillah me and my family are fine. Isha Allah toddy or tomorrow we can chat. take care. May Allah (swt) bless His mercy upon us. Ameen.
    your loving sister
    Loll! i do the same all the time! so i just edit and do this....................................

    when people see that they probably thinking.. 'what a loner! posting messages to herself'
    Looll :D

    aameen to your duaa sister..... i feel better no btw. :)
    pleasure to have you too **hug**
    jazakAllaah khair sister. :)
    you're 17 too? Wow! mashaAllaah may Allah give you barakah in your life. AAmeen.

    p.s. jazakAllaah for accepting. :)
    salaam ruki..

    how u doing?? hope ur in the best of health an imman..
    i like ur signature.. mashaAllah...sooo true...

    Asalamu alaykum

    Oh ruki, WELCOME BACK, i missed you so much sis:) love you so much:hearts:

    Assalamu Alaikkum wr.wb.
    My dear lil sister how are you? how is your studies? May Allah (SWT) except all our good deeds and for give our sins. Take care. wassalam.:SMILY259::SMILY259::SMILY259:
    salam alikom sister ruki4eva
    nice to hear from u ,hope u r donig well and ur family as well thanks so much..may allah swt guide us all to the right path ameen
    Assalamu Alykum
    It's good to hear you are good as well MashaAllah
    and yehhhhhh i'm always smiling :-D
    you keep smiling as well sis lol
    tke cre
    u are in my du'as

    Assalaamu Alykum

    alhamdulilah sister Ruksana i'm good
    how are u doing sis??
    take care!!!

    Allaicomu Salam dear sister Ruksana.

    Thank you sister for your lovely words Mashallah.

    I am fine dear sister Alhnadulillah,Inshallah you are fine too.

    I misssssssssss you too

    take care dear sister,and may Allah bless you too.Ameen.

    With love:SMILY252::SMILY252::SMILY252:
    Wa'alykum as salam my lil sis....Nice to see ur Post this is All new in TTI Masha-Allah...Jazak-Allah for remebering me ....same here sis good to have a sis lyk u...u2 keep remeber me in your du'as n u all are in my du'as....
    your bro..M.A.hussAiN { Abrar }
    Assalamu Alaikkum dear sister
    Alhamdulillah. very happy to see you again. take care. wassalam.
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