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  • Yeh a nani big tym :p heheheheheheh don’t pretend like ur not, haah! :Dur old enough to me a great grandma if u ask me :p man so many oldies here at tti :p haaha!
    Scared? Why hun? U ayt now? Wassup? Me too lol, last night was weird, urm one onf my mates told me something really gross, and I felt so sick :S LOL then the res of the nyt was spent in sickness/sadness ;) hey do u ever feel so lonely? Like u feel afraid to talk to someone openly? Sumtyms I cnt share my feelings lol, and I just pile it all up in my teeny weeny brian then *blast* before u know it im havin a crisis, and water works wont stop :p why are girls so emotional? LOL! Oh and another thing.. why’d they spell weird as weird and not wierd?! Suma to think bout iinit LOL, I know I know im crazZzii, but seriously lol, that is friggin weird :p

    u better, an oxford one oki doki? :p hehehe joking lol!

    hey how u feelin btw? better than last tym /.

    32 phonemaniac lane :p

    le2 420 :p chaar so bees :p

    send em that dictionary now :p
    oh lol, i have free to ppl in lesta only ahhahahahaha!

    then i got that o2 surprise thing for a week

    now its not chargin em, and even if it does its totally cool,, no worries :D
    السلام عليكم
    sooo sweet sister :) I'm ok how about u ?

    My Eid was amazing we still celebrating this eid

    yours ?
    oh ahhahaha! yeh majaa ma ;) lol

    i ahve free unlimited texts to any network ;) for a wekk LOl :D so illbe textn u loads now :p

    na dont worry bout it hun, its fine :D
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