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    Help with understanding Surah Fatiha tajweed

    Assalaamu alaikum Brother, hope you are in good health. If you ask where you need help in surah Fatiha i think it will be easy for us to help. :)
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    Let´s go to the Bananaaaaaaa

    this is a must try for bananas.:banana:
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    Al salam Aleykom

    wa alaikumussalaam, Marhaban:SMILY206: to tti. You will love it here in shallah.
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    asking good questions removes doubt

    asking good questions removes doubt
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    No comment.:rolleyes: :p
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    :bee: Welcome to the chocolate world........:biggrin:
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    Assalamu Alaykum sisters and brothers

    Wa alaikumussalaam. welcome to TTI.
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    Hello Everyone!

    peace! Welcome brother. hope you will benefit from this website.
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    that's true sis. Now , no excuse for those who burn their toast lol.:biggrin: