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  • Assalaamu alaikum WR WB !!

    How are you doing sister ? :)
    Just visiting you with a virtual flower bunch.. :)

    Insha'Allah will do! :) Thank you so much for your kind words and duas. They mean a lot to me! I have never felt better than how I am now-----alhamdulillah. It is beautiful and I am now able to connect with other people on campus, to get involved in Islamic activities and yes to start hanging with friends....all these were lacking the past few months. I am now getting a handle of them.
    aww <3 OMG is that Fatima??? She is soooo adorable Masha'Allah Tabarakallah. YUP she did make me SMILE big time. SHe is so beautiful, may Allah grant her long life full of happiness and pleasure. ameen
    aww you r so right sister :)
    I feel a lot better alhamdulillah....I am still struggling with my imaan but I do find peace in listening to the Qur'an and thats what I do now. I feel a lot better compared to how I was before.
    Your duas are been accepted :) yaay....
    Jazaka'Allah khair dear....

    You know whats funny, I always wanted to be tested. Now that I am tested, I do not feel strong enough to do sabr :( I had a believe that Allah loves those He tests and now....Idk what I believe :/ I know that Allah is there to listen to all my duas and that I have to be patient. I know this is my jihad and I have to fight it till I win it. I am optimistic :) jazaka'Allah khair for your duas. May the all be accepted. ameeeeen
    I have a beautiful life ukhti, filled with all sorts of blessings and wallah I am as miserable as someone who has nothing. My heart is empty and life seems so meaningless. I have cried for about 10 good mins @ my session on Monday---not knowing why? I do not understand my emotions and at times I am just sad for no particular reason. I wish and pray that Allah brings back my happiness for indeed I took it for granted. I miss smiling at everyone, making the best outta every situation and most of all....being close to Allah. I am glad you are here and I can talk to you for I am better expressing myself through writing than talking. I love you so much sis and I now must stop writing---my tears are taking over.
    wa'alaykum salam habibti,

    You do not know how happy I am to actually see you posting, I missed you so very much. Yes I am battling depression as of right now--I am also seeing a therapist ones every other week. May Allah reward you immensely dear sister and may Allah grant you and your family eternal happiness. I try to read Qur'an, to stay focused in life but I am losing it. I am constantly on the verge of tears and emotionalism. This is partly why I am back to TTI, I need the support of a community---
    Assalaamu alaykum habibti,

    such belated congrats! subhana'Allah, I miss you too and say salaam to my beautiful niece Fatima! :) what a blessing....may Allah give her the best of health and may Allah make her strong Muslimah! ameen
    MashAllah sis...
    Mabroooook!!!! May Allah make her among the righteous kids... Ameen
    How many month and whats her name??
    Alhamdulillah am fine... everything is great :)
    Assalamu Alaikum !!!!

    How are you doing?
    I just wanted to pass you this flower bunch... :)

    I am good alhamdulillah, I was away camping!!! it was the best experience EVER. it was a sisters' camp only with over 80 sisters from all walks of life, different skin colors YET very close because of Islam. It was amazing wallah. I met a Pakistani sister there. She was actually my counselor :D and I remembered you!! she is from Lahore Pakistan :) yaay,
    I miss you more ukhti, insha'Allaah one day, we shall see each other! HUG and kisses,
    mujhe tumse pyar karti hoon <3 muaah
    knock knock meri dost :) just saying salam :) I learned hw to say I miss u in Urdu....but lost it;( cud u remind me?
    kuch (thats nothing rite?)
    actually I been working and gettin ready for summer skool. I am taking three classes this summer :0 insha'Allaah it goes well !
    hw abt u ?
    wa'alaikum salaam beautiful sister !!
    I am doin fantastic <3 just soo happpy seein ur vm :D I missed u loadssssssssssss <3
    aaww, i am happy that ur back !
    thanks for swingin u always <3
    oh :p ohhhhh now I got it! lol I thot u kinda didnt knw wat halwa I as talking abt. btw, the bid'ah is increasing rapidly! subhana'Allah. may Allaah protect us. hey sis, it was NICE chatting/vming u......:) I gotta bounce now and do some math. stay in touch my beautiful halwa, and always remember me in ur duas!
    main tumse bohot pyar karti hoon :D:D
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