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  • really?? wow I didnt knw! halwa looks like this. Its a desert::
    aaww...I will take that. I found what to compare u to. I am so obsessed with halwa. So.....YOU're my halwa, nice and yummilicious!!! :D
    aawww.....<3 sister that is soo sweet!! subhana'Allaah!!

    "MAY HE BLESS WIH A VERY CARING HUSBAND AS HE BLESSED ME WITH BUT EVEN MORE FOR YOU" how beautiful and heart touching!!! ameen thuma ameen my dearest sister!
    you're always as sweet as candy (cant think of anything else) :lol:
    *shy*.....I thot of that tooo!!! its like u read my mind!!! insha'Allaah!! its all in Allaah's plan! but when the time comes, u will def be the FIRST to knw!!

    maybe I'll even marry a Pakistani brother...who knows?? :)
    oh....Gujurat?? I am gunna google that! and yesh I'll def tell u !! its my dream to come there insha'Allah! I love the culture!!! :) and yea i'll holla at you once I get the money...the mahram and the everything else in between!! yaaaaay
    main tumse pyar karti hoon !
    then you're not tired !!! hehe ME tooooo I feel so energized its not even funny!!!
    thats coz I just recently woke up from a long sleep!! :D alhamdulillaah!!!
    hey guess what.....I know a sister I can practice my urdu with. Actually two....they're from here but Originally Pakistani.
    Are you from Karachi?? just askin...I wanna visit Pakistan one day
    hehehe.....aww I learned aap bohot thaak gaye hon gay :D:D
    are you tired ukhti,,,,I am just saying that btw.....idk hw tired u really look :D:D:D
    hehehe...main theek hon :):)
    I dont know what the other one means??? teach me teach me teach me!!! :D:D flatter me darling!!! :p
    aaww,......I am speechless sister!! my beatiful Baji!!!! :D
    aaww...I didnt check ur vm wen I wrote this!! I was just so overwhelmed seeing u online!!
    aaww, married life ehh....well insha'Allaah will be in touch wen u get internet!!! I am soooooo haapppy to see u (did I say that:p)
    may the one for whose sake u love me, love you! ameen
    its soo true dear....words aint enough !!!
    I am learning alot Urdu...hehehe, I love that language!!! aap kaisi hai???
    mere naam Ubah :lol:
    ok....I am getting hyper....I'll tune it down a lil :D:D
    I LOVE YOU !
    Saima, Saima, Saima!!! Assalaamu alaikum janu <3
    has it been ages since I heard from you or is it just a dream??
    I feel like I lost contact of everyone on TTI:( subhana'Allaah, I miss YOU LIKE crazy!! I wish we could chat like before!!!
    I wanna have all the 411 about you....I have lots to tell you (I guess)
    and OMG! I am doing fine alhamdulillaah
    just busy with school and of course work....
    how ARE YOU!!!??!! it has been along time since I heard from your sweet self.....I didnt even realize how much I missed you till I read this VM.......aaww, my heart jumps up and down just seeing u msg me!!
    dear Janu, I LOVE YOU!!!! :D:D:D
    stay in touch!!:hearts::hearts::hearts:
    hehehe....:D alhamdulillaah sweety :)
    oh I learned a new thing...meri methi si jaan <3 :D
    I m doing fab alhamdulillaah :D:D enjoyed eid??
    I enjoyed eid very much :D alhamdulillaah :D
    I hope u is having a lot of fun :D

    YA UKHTHI....

    THAKABBALALLAHU MINNA WA MINKUM...:):hearts::hearts:

    By null at 2010-11-15


    By null at 2010-11-15

    FEE AMANILLAH:hearts:
    salaam <3
    I read your pm...congrats hun and thank you for opening your VM :):):)

    aww, you're soo sweet.......:D I bet your mom was like "ok..." lol
    thats exactly what my family do wen I say "I love such and such...where are they? then I go on TTI :lol:
    and my sisters roll their eyes and call me crazy :lol: they dont believe in cyber friendship :p :p GO FIGURE :lol:
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