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    ~ Ramadan Tips For Women: Time Has Come ~

    jazakallah for the thread :) very helpful xx:hijabi:
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    I am afraid. First Hijab

    first of all sister i would like to say mashaAllah (Allah has willed this) im so happy that you r looking to buy & wear ur first hijab :) i understand ur difficulties i had the same problems wen i first became muslim, but alhumdillah with the help ov Allah i know wear my hijab proud :)...
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    salam I'm not somali but my ex husband was :) Saira x
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    I was told no hijab at my work Walmart

    :astag: sister get urself to ur nearest laywers office and sue their butts!!! :girl3:
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    Death of non-mulsim family member....

    Salam Alikum brothers and sisters, I just wanted to ask your advice..... my uncle died yesterday, he was very ill for over a year and it was not un-expected, but my problem is that I want to tell my aunt that everything will be ok, he's in a better place with no suffering etc but I dont seem...
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    ** Muslim Hairdresser Sues Salon Owner **

    Salam I agree with what sister lana has said..... As I live close to this hairdressers I know what type it is - very westernised 'trendy'. I feel for the sister and although she wears her hijab with pride there are other hairdressers in the area that are women only which would be more suited...
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    Salam sister, dont feel intimated, its taken me ages to learn salat and alhumdillah after 2 years I've finally started to get the hang of it!!! lol Best thing to do is to speak to another sister and ask her to show you, the books are really not helpful when you dont know where to start -...
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    Salam sister, Astafullah I couldn't believe what I was reading, I hope you and your sisters are feeling ok?! I dont even know where to start have you tried talking to your parents?? I'll make Dua for you all :) Wasalam Saira xx :tti_sister:
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    It's All About You Thread!

    Salam sisters ........... and brothers............................. 1. Name: Saira 2. Age: 23 3. Country: England 4. Language: English 5. Religion: Islam - Alhumdillah 6. Ocupation: Customer service adviser 7. Education: ??? 8. Favorite Subject in School: Geography...
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    Brothers and Sisters in spain.....

    Jazakallah sister, Hope to hear from u soon :) :hearts:
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    Brothers and Sisters in spain.....

    Salam, I am looking to go to spain for a short break with my hubby at the end of April, I really want to go to Granada as I have heard that it has a beautiful Islamic society, does anyone live there or has been?? Or even could someone recommend other places in spain that are worth checking...
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    Video Hindu Woman Accepts Islam on the Spot!

    Wow masha allah that was very moving, Alhumdillah xx
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    Spat at

    Salam, Astafullah, I can't believe that!!! last week it the man who was talking to his shoes and this week...... Apart from that how was mosque?? I really missed it :( Call me Saira x :hearts:
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    My 5 Year old Son's Qu'ran Recitation

    sorry dnt have advice on how to upload it but......... Ahh Masha Allah he sounds so cute - u must be so proud.:hearts::hearts: