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  • You know sis...I have soo many health problems and at those times where I was in the hospital...I wasnt patient at all. But know that I learned how good it is to be patient...I just wish all that can happen again but this time I'll be patient. You are rewarded soooo much for being patient you know. So be patient now...when Its all done, you'll be happy that at that time you were patient.

    Lol my english is reallyy bad, its cuz i dont go to school forgive me.


    Ohh btw...sorry for stealing your pink color :redface:
    When I found out that running away from home was wrong....I was actually think of suicide then. Can you believe that?! SubhnAllah I'm sooooooo weak. And Allah knows that...that is why He stopped it. Now my parents are very good with me Alhumdulillah. But Allah knows you are veryyyyyy strong...and thats why this is happening. You'll see, when its all over, you'll feel soo good. And at that time you would be soo happy that all this DID happen.
    Aww I hope your family starts to understand you. Don't worry my sis, this is just a test from Allah and He tests only those He loves. Soo you are soooooooooo lucky mashaAllah! Also, Allah will not burden you with something you cannot all thats happening, it because you CAN bare it. SubhnAllah you are sooooooooo strong. I dont know what I would have done if I were in your place. I remember when my parents used to be like this with me and they are good practiing muslims, but they thought I was too young to practice they all were very harsh with me. But they let me pray and read the quran and do soo many things but subhnAllah I wasn't strong at all. I planned on running away from home and I was only 15.
    why my sis:(what happened!!whose the jealous one to step in your marriage business:)inshallah i'll pray for you:)

    don't worry sis things happen for good......and keep those prizes safe and healthy:lol:
    :lol:yeah alhumdulillah i'm here:pso what's up....fill me in waht's miss pink up to:pLOL..hehehe :lol:you are a good actor when it comes to being a spoilt baby girl:D:D:D
    :lol:my sister is that wny we talked thru PMs yesterday............coz you wrote the VM in the wrong place.........sis you don't write on your own wall to reply to go to their walls or view conversation and then write there:)that way the nest person gets your msg..........and replies:D:D:D
    *continues eating 100 pound cake* My cake! It's my cake!! Go away! My cakes, my cakes!!! I don't feel so good. :(
    It's the best color there is mashallah! I hope my future hubby likes PINK lol awwww everything pink mashallah! Hey Maha* we wouldn't argue as roommates, would we? LOL mashallah! I love pink so much!!
    We're pink and proud!! Right Maha*!! LOL *HUGS* I LOOOOVE pink!! Awwwwwwwww a pinky hijabi like meee!! :) I'm so happy teehee! Oops late for class! As usual! LOL mashallah take care pinky sis. Sweety Pie!
    Asalamu alaikum! You are my pink twin sister! Literally, I am addicted to pink. Almost everything in my room is pink. I could buy anything just because it's pink. My friends know that I don't accept non-pink gifts hehe. And most importantly, I would like to get a pink strand in my hair hehe (call me crazy if you'd like hehe)

    How are you doing? If you need anything, please let me know. I know you're trying to find a new place to live in, any luck so far? :hearts:
    :salam2: My dear sister,

    Why are you leaving?. People's perceptions make feel them difficult & ease. Put your trust in Allah and move..... Then Allah will surely help you. I love you for the sake of Allah. I pray to Allah (SWT) to guide my sister to the straight path and give her the best in this world and in the hereafter. Aameen.:tti_sister:
    As-salaamu'alaykum sisi! :D

    Ukhtii! You seem SO friendly mashaALlah! I'd love to get to know you better inshaALlah.. thus the friend invite ;)


    Uhibbuki filLah

    Wassalaam :):)

    Sis I saw your post...don't leave or work yourself up too much over things like that. People just precieve things differently, whether it's wrong or right, I mean what can you do..

    Anyway take care.
    :salam2: You really need a Qur'an? I don't know how you can get your diary back. Maybe you can find out where it is, get it and pretend like you don't have it ;)
    Nooriah!! *hugs* hey have you ever seen that movie, Titanic? It's so wonderful mashallah!!!
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