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  • Sis why can't you stay?? Can't you use the internet from school?? I'm sorry if I'm asking you directly like this. Well I guess what's important is that you're doing well Sakeena. Be safe okhti.
    I forgot the most important thing to say. How are you doing these days, or should I say past months. Is school doing ok? and how about your family? the reason why I'm writing on your wall, is due to your inbox being full. Please don't let this be the last time I read your messages ever again. Be safe okhti el aziza. (Be safe my beloved sister)
    AAAAAAAH salam habibti, u wrote to me!!! I was just cheking if something new was on tti, but I couldn't get in, so when i finally did, I saw your message. ALhamdoullillah, you're still alive. I was so worried. You have no idea.....
    please keep posting. I can't afford losing a dear friend and sister like you Sakeena....
    Sister, How are you doing? Please write to me again by email. I missed u so much. I still love you with all my heart for the sake of Allah.
    As salaam alaikum sister Sakeena,

    I love you too :)
    Are you coming back for good? I hope so...I missed you so much and I've been sad.

    As-salaamu 'alaykum! :D

    Sisterrrrrrrrr!! Horraaaaaaaayy ur baaaaaaaacckkk
    Welcome back my dear! :D:D

    Ok, well u dont really know me lol :redface: but i hav heard lots about u sis
    hope ur ok inshaAllah

    your sister
    Sister Sakeena, please talk to us again. We really miss you!!!
    You have a lot of people waiting to hear from you again sis. I really pray to hear your voice one day sis, and to read your lovely posts in pink. I never thought I wouldn't be able to see them again. But I'm not giving up sis, I'll keep on writing untill I read your posts once again. salam wa rahmat allah.
    Sister Sakeena, how are u? I miss u so much. Please talk to me. I still love u. Are u ok? Talk to me so we can catch up Insha'Allah.

    I left a friend invite for u Sakeena.

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