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  • As'alaamu Alaikkum sis

    I've left Ic cos they all live in cloud cuckoo land. If I stay there then I'd lose it and start swearing at ppl lol.

    I hope you've done the right thing 2.
    no change of plans, no marrying .... :(
    salam dear sister
    how are u?long time no hearing from u?everything's alright?
    i was moving to australia thats why couldnt keep in touch with you:(
    i read in one of ur posts that ur getting married .
    thats amazing and i am very happy for you.
    may Allah shower his blessings upon u and ur would be husband (or may be now he is your "full" husband)
    keep in touch sis***** pink pink******
    Assalamu Alaikum !!!!

    How are you doing?
    I just wanted to pass you this flower bunch... :)

    sister,my intention in asking you not to leave the hijab was not to hurt you...please don't feel sad..its' between you and your Lord..i'm out of it....plz do stay in tti and benefit from hard feeings okay dear..take care of your health dear..salaam
    Wa alaikim alsalam wa rahmatu Allah wa barakatuh , how are dear? Thank you very much for your Salam .
    I know you have a very beautiful heart may Allah full your heart with joy and peace all the time.
    salamu alaikum, hope you feel better soon inshaAllah, whatever we go through, we WILL come out of- after hardship comes ease. keep the chin up, you have Allah on your side :)
    It was AMAZING sister, alhamdulilah =) Sadly, Lilburn is an hour away and my car is i cant go as often as I want...But yes i loved it. And I said my shahaddah live on the microphone with the entire masjid :)
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