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  • Assalamu alaikum dear sis how r u and ur family hope u and ur family r also fine! My dear sis im going for 1 or 2 months out of the city i will be offline i will miss u sooo much dear sis plz keep me in ur dua's sis i really need them!See u soon!May Allah always keep u and ur family in His protection Amin!plz do not forget about me!

    My grandmother passed away today UK time 8:00am
    Please make dua for her maghfirah.

    And BarikAllaah feesh ukhti for your good doing and my Family and friends are bikhair Alhamdullilah
    Oh im done my exams and im resting (im hoping I got a perfect or the highest mark) also hope all is good with you sister, may Allah have mercy on you and all of us :hearts:
    JazakAllaah khair for the info InshaAllaah I will benefit from the website and from my mistake(s).
    Mashallah Sister, i see your point, we can only make theories if we have proof of it, but really i was just making a theory of the Yajooj Majooj and the dead sea, brother MultekM wanted to know, so i said here is a theory and that i may be wrong, btw how is your day?

    Peace :D
    asalam Alaikom
    InshaAllaah I understood why you closed the thread and JazakAllaah khair for closing it since you are much more knowledgeable than me. But as for the part of how scholars not talking about it. I know a scholar that is clearly contradicting the FreeMasons eventhough he mentions them briefly.Check this thread...
    Sister, i think your wrong, having theories or conspiracy isnt all that bad, it just opens our mind to what could be around the universe Allah has created. Sure some theories are bad, but there is nothing wrong with it.

    Take care sis Peace :D
    Asslam Alaikum

    I hope you are in the best state of eeman and health. It seems you are testing my patience:). If you cannt come up with an explanation for deleting Dr Naik's videos then i humbly request you to post those videos yourself, as it would get more attention from tti memebers. Ukhti dont you think you are intruding upon my right to propogate Islam.
    Assalamu alykum. :D:D:D

    Wonderful to have you back Sister.
    May Allah SWT protect you and grant you Jannah tul Fridows. Ameen.

    Walikumasalam dear sis,
    Its ok no worries about the card the girls are about 6-8 years old :)
    Anyway have a fab Eid sis!
    Remember me in your dua's.
    Welcome and inshAllah will always remember you. :)
    Take care Wasalam Xx
    Asalamualikum sis
    Hope your in good health and imaan. :)

    May Allah Ta'ala accept our ibadah, dua, tawbah, fasts, salah, charity and quran recitations this blessed month. Ameen.
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