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  • Before you post? Okay I'll wait till you make a post there. Make sure it's related to the thread;p
    I know, guess it was for practice. So that when you have to deal with things like me, you'll know how to deal with it.

    You think so? I think it's going to be misused. Although it shouldn't be important, I can't help having "feelings" attached to this sort of thing. Btw can we disable?

    As far as I know, I added you to my new one, Pretty old now. Old one is deactivated. Why don't you do you modstalk and take my new one from TTI if you don't have it already.

    ;p Why? was it too much for you. *Sigh* I haven't read the answer as yet but I saw something that makes me wish I can donate my thread to sister al-fajr's ownership. She'll be better at maintaing rules. I'm NOT going to remind him to provide the next word from now on. . .Ya Allaah help me stick to this resolution!
    I hate it! I really do T_T enjoy my ignorance.

    Btw ukht, don't take that whole thing to heart. The sister herself is real sweet, she's just confused why she's being told she wrong. I know her posts show extreme stubborness of being right and that's really irritating. But I think it was you who once told me to give someone 70 excuses and if not than it's probably one you don't know about, or something along those lines.

    Cheer up! TTI's getting advanced. Rep system, eh? Good, but was it required?

    *Gasp* hey! I'll give you one if you explain what's tafhweed *Shows teeth*. Kidding. . . I think I'll google it.
    I am silently creasing at your thread ..

    It was necessary though, rather you than me.
    Wa `alaykum salaam wa rahmatullaah.

    'Qualified'- I wish.

    Inshaa'Allaah will re-open the thread and post.
    as'salaamu alaikum,

    sister you should close the mother zina thread with end notes of contacting a scholar on this matter. If we keep it open, all the brother will get is emotionally charged responses and islamic articles or fatwas backing their views. You can reiterated what I posted with fatwa links so he can go there to ask the scholars and close the thread as at this point this thread lost its purpose, which was to seek advice.
    How about 'Tango' He reminds me of Tango Apple due to his colour =)

    Your caterpillar I mean.
    enjoy the picnic! its freezing here, def not picnic weather. But yeh, don't know what we were planning on doing since we changed plans, but inshaAllaah ..
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