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    Uh huh, well they had what was coming to them, I told these same sisters to take their socialising elsewhere only the previous night, but they chose to be publicly humiliated like that before taking heed. Sad.
    I just got called bro. I think this is the first time since the gender info was made visible on the side ..:rolleyes: < I used to love this smily!
    Wa alaikum assalam little Sis,

    Thank you.

    I'm glad to know you are still here. I thought college life would make you busy. May Allah reward you.

    It is nice to be back every now and then. I have been very busy lately.

    My family and I are fine alhamdulillah.

    May Allah bless and preserve you, your parents, and all your loved ones.

    Assalamu alaikum.
    Assalam 'Aleiki sista from anotha mother *wink*

    What ya saying? How's everything?
    Do you remember this: carrot1 ?
    Apologies... if you see any of my poor English anywhere, please do change it according to what you think is correct

    BaarakAllaahu feek
    Yes sorry, it was meant to be "not" contradict. If you find such errors, please do correct it... you have all the rights to do so- as a mod.

    BaarakAllaahu feek
    lol you made me laugh Sami : D
    You're for-ever running around and busy-ish ; ) and *psshht* about getting old, ya can talk dude! Yea graduating same time as Isra-rawr but I have a feeling I've messed up this year : ( I might well have to re-do it :' (
    Wa'aleiki salaam gurl !

    *sobs* I went to hide but you never came to seek so I just came out : (

    Seriously I know!! I'm back though : D inshAllaah I'll stick around this time! How are uuuuu? How's life? Erm last time I spoke to you was like last summer :0

    Love ya long time Samiii
    My profile felt monopolized. So I felt I had to post.

    Mah gurl al-fajr here is just my best friend.

    But I have other friends... really. *Here's the cue for the rest of my profile viewers to post a nice message* /joke
    I knew it was *something* couldn't quite place it. I hated that game, hadn't a clue how to play just clicked random buttons!

    Wasn't that the whole point though anyways? lol
    Please do. Would be my pleasure to read the pre-ambles of a prolix ;)

    I have an exam tomorrow so I should be studying or sleeping. Audhbillaah.

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