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  • Asslam u Alaikum sister,

    Is this message for me? I thought you sent this to me by mistake ?
    Assalamu alaikum dearest baji!!

    I really hope that you and your family is in the best 0f health and emaan. i am awfully sorry that I couldn't ask about you..... i was busy with my exams... but still it's my fault....:( I really hope that you are not thinking that i have forgotten about you! My deepest apologies....

    So, how are you sister???? How is it going in Australia...??
    I missed you sooooooooo much!!! (I am not lying)

    You are always in my duas....
    asalam u alaikum....alhamdulilahi rab al alameen about my health. but studies....il tel u later.there is no electricity here now .....im getting offline.:shymuslima1: take care. wasalam
    Wa aliakum us Salam Baji!

    I am Alhamdulillah fine. No, i am not at all stressing myself.!!
    I will InshaAllah do whatever I can do.
    How is it going in Aussie-land??
    Hope you are okay sis....Ermm.. can't think of anything else to write!
    take care from bush fires.
    Assalam-0-alaikum meri pyari baji!

    How are you?? Hope you are doing great!
    Just popped in to say my Salam.
    May Allah bless you.
    From your (so-called) cute sis
    Wa alaikum us salam Baji!

    My exams are going Alhamdulillah okay! By the Grace of Allah. Thank God they are going to be finished on monday!

    Well... about the loadshedding.. you couldn't have possibly experienced it because it all started in the past one and two years! Damn!
    I should rush now... because Digestion, Bacteria, plants, animals, cells , tissues are really waiting for me. Was just taking a break on TTI!

    Take care sister. May Allah bless you.
    Fee Imaan illah.
    wa alaikum us salam sister!

    really?? is it that hot??! my cousins and chachu and chachi live there and they were telling me the same.... oh and what about the water shortage??!! I heard that the water is so short that you jst have to take a bath in two minutes!!! hahaha reallly! thats funny and disturbing.

    But don't wory sis you have NO idea what real hot means....In pakistan, when the summer came... it was soooo hot... and to make matters worse there was IMMENSE loadshedding.... no light and fan for six or sometimes 9 hours a day..... God!! It was sooo tormenting!!

    Hope you are not tired out by listening to my ever-increasing conversations!!
    may Allah bless you.
    Assalam-o-alaikum sister or sisters:

    Oh no..i viewed your conversation (sister saba and sister zainab)...damn it...noooo lol ..haha...:)....:SMILY209:

    Okay let me tell you sister..its me Zahid khan (sister saba...MY parents didn't taught me pushtoo.:angryred:).....born in Islamabad...(very close to pindi)....originally from mansehra (i visited it many times ..n i miss it soo much..:shymuslima1:)....my chacha (uncle) lives in pindi.........

    I did my 9, 10 and 11th grade from Islamabad (federal board) haha...it was fun...so sister zainab the Urdu regent that you are taking, for which class is it????Wish you best of luck.....
    Assalam-o-alaikum sister!

    InshaAllah sister! Hope I get good marks.
    About the password... i have the same situation... I log in soo many times that i don't think I can ever forget it!
    Hope you are doing good in Aussie-land!

    Hahahah sister!!...Funny story..made my day!! Well all I can do is to hope and pray that you don't forget the password of this one! Why don't you write the password on a paper???..Just for safe keeping..( If you don't have any siblings!Lol!)
    I gotta go now and prepare for the paper of URDU!!
    Take care.
    Allah Hafiz.
    Salam sister!
    Its soooooooo good to know that you were also born in Peshawar. I have not even seen Peshawar..lolz!!
    So you are an Afghani?? Thats great!! Hope to find out more about Afgahznistan.
    My papers are going Alhamdulillah good by your prayers!!
    I thought your name would be Sana..ha!...from the user name.
    Anyways I gotta rush now.
    Fe Imanillah sister!
    Allah Hafiz.
    Wa alaikum us Salam dearest sister!!
    Hope you are doing good.
    MashaAllah nice to meet a muslimah from Austrailia. Yes dear sister you guessed right I am from Pakistan Alhamdulillah. Its where I was born and where I live.
    Do you mind if I ask you in which city you were born??
    Thankyou for the request. I really appreciate it. I will InshaAllah tell you more about myself as soon as my exams get finished.
    May Allah bless you and protect you. Ameen.
    Remember me in your prayers.
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