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    Row over Jerusalem Muslim cemetery

    wa alaikum assalam First of all ameen to the above dua. Like you brother I was also angered when i heard the news of the destruction of the cemetry, almost a week ago. Then today I came across something else which just made my blood boil. Not sure if your aware but an Israeli candidate (Arnon...
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    **what is the ruling on Praying while traveling **

    hello don't know if this is of any help...
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    more baking

    yum yum !!! can we have the recipes please....
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    chocolate fudge cake

    :SMILY303: .... move over nigella :lol: If only you posted it a month ago... i've recently gone off chocolate... but it certainly looks mouthwatering... :)
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    The Last Two Letters

    Wa alaikum assalam I'm not english, only british, so i'll stick to callin you: su su... pyar seh of course :lol: & no ant doesn't count :p
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    The Last Two Letters

    Its ok brother su su ;) celebrant : I obey by the rules of the game :p
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    The Last Two Letters

    only if you put a few more s's on...that way it can count as stuttering lol
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    The Last Two Letters

    wa alikum assalam useless :p
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    (for those who read this,prior to editing) completly agree with the brother... couldn't make sense of it before due to lack of sleep... :lol:
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    Graffiti artist pulls off anti-Big Brother stunt - despite being watched by CCTV

    lol. I'm doing a presentation on big brother britain next week !
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    ^Ameen Wa alaikum assalam Welcome to TTI, Inshallah you will find your time spent here beneficial. :)
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    how we tend to forget ALLAH SWT

    Jazakallah for the reminder & Ameen to your du'aas :)
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    Wa alaikum assalam Welcome to TTI, inshallah your time spent on here will be beneficial. Take Care Spectacular Sauda x lol
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    The Last Two Letters

    wa alaikum assalam next
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    Don't eat Cadbury chocolate!!

    Assalamu' Alaikum sister I think that was almost two years ago.