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  • Salaam Alaykum Sister Harb, insha Allah you are well there in Finland :)
    Just dropping by hehe :)
    Hmm, yeah. It's the 27th afterall, thanks for the reminder sister. I'm planning on staying up insha'Allah.

    JazakAllahu khayr! May Allah bless you too. :D

    Yeah, that's true!! Lol, I had coconut CAKE instead. :p Insha'Allaah, I'll try making it the way you said. For now I think I'll stick to pre-made cookie dough. :cool:
    Walaykum assalam.

    Hahaha sister, thanks! Glad my avatar puts a smile on your face. :D :p

    And who doesn't love cookies? I want some right now! Oh, and I saw your coconut cookies recipe and made some two days ago (I think). I used the wrong flour at first and then I kept adding all purpose flour (Like cups of them!!) and the cookies tasted like flour, hahaha. And I didn't squeeze out the coconut juice from the flakes properly. It was a disaster, see I can't bake. It tasted like coconut cake though! xD I need cooking classes. :D :D
    salam r u i hope Ramadan is easy for you,,,iwanted to ask you ..ihave applied to join the sisters club ,but have had no do they decide who iss able to join?? or maybe it just takes time,,,,
    :salam2:You said the problem with a non-Muslim posting fatwah's was a Muslim couldn't trust that the fatwah was real. I've never posted a fatwah w/o posting the link as well. I find the fatwahs on the site I take time to format it so that it shows up exactly as it does on Islamqa. All someone need do is click on the link. Ignoring the information b/c it comes from a non-Muslim is like denying a book from a library simply because a non-muslim librarian brought it to you. I understand your skepticism though. I would remind you of the trust that Mohammad had for ibn Abi Hadrad, a non-Muslim, to spy on the army of Thaqeef. Abdullah ibn al-Oraiqit, a non-Muslim, who guided Mohammad in his secret migration to Medina. Mut'am bin 'Adyi. Although he died as a non-Muslim, Mohammad said "if al-Mut'am bin Adyi were alive and asked me to free the captives, I would have freed them for him."...Mohammad trusted a non-muslim because of their character.
    as salam alaykum sister harb where are you didn't saw you online for a long time

    Dear sister harb ,


    ~May Allah swt blessed upon you
    And Your Family~Amin!

    Take Care!
    ~Wassalam :)
    Assalamu alaykum,
    I read your thread - 'proud to be palestinian'.

    There were some killings and violent attacks mentioned in it. I read such bad happenings for most of the time with some good news. can I have brief idea of - what actually happens out there and why such things happen ? jazakAllahu khayr.
    thank you for the response, sister! :)

    And don't worry , I understand why you deleted it. I actually wanted to delete the question myself so I am glad you did,alhamduillah.

    May Allah (SWT) bless you, sister!
    salam sister,I hope you're in good health and imaan,I've just come to read thread about bin laden and the I sadly knew that your husban has died as shaheed,may Allah grant him Jannah.and may Allah be with you,sister,I am sorry if I wrote you such a sad thing,but I image the pain and the solitude.wa salam.take care
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