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    Can a Muslim still like Dogs I know Muslims are not allowed to keep Dogs as pets ?

    Cultural Prejudice? Well Sister, I see you are from the "Middle East"...I sure am glad there is no human suffering going on in your part of the world. Perhaps your time would be better spent helping your fellow Muslims, rather than telling people on the Internet how they should...
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    Can a Muslim still like Dogs I know Muslims are not allowed to keep Dogs as pets ?

    My post was no joke I have most certainly read the Holy Qu'ran and stand by my statement. Dear sister, you obviously have never had a dog, so you have no idea how much they can mean to a person. How sad for you, most of this "dog hate" is cultural, not religious. IMHO It seems to me that...
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    Can a Muslim still like Dogs I know Muslims are not allowed to keep Dogs as pets ?

    Dogs are good people I have kept dogs my entire life and will happily touch the Hell fire for doing so. How tragic to never know the unconditional love and loyality of a good dog. They aren't called "man's best friend" for nothing...
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    Coconut Cookies

    WOW Sister Harb! Another fantastic recipe! I'm going to make these today. Thank you for posting and sharing your professional knowledge. I'm just a home cook and I really appreciate it. Off to the kitchen! Thanks again!
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    Inside Tahrir Square

    FREE EGYPT! May Allah (swt) bless you and see you through your struggle... Power to the people! P.S. Sister, keep your head down and be're in my prayers, as are all the Egyptians who are fighting the good fight for freedom.
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    Dua Request for Sister hassana elkoussi

    My thoughts and prayers are with my friend sister Hassana and may Allah (swt) protect her family and all the people of Egypt.
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    5 reasons why a Muslim should give up Facebook

    The electronic media will never be silenced... Like a revolution? FREE EGYPT! Power to the people!
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    Giant 500-year-old Qu'raan

    Beautiful Qu'ran The Holy Qu'ran is beautiful...thank you for posting this article and I will be interested in stories about this research in the future... A question for the forum - What is a Muslim supposed to look like? I find the comments posted about the people in the pictures very...
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    My poem

    Wow! That sure is alot of proof that music is haraam! Why am I not surprised it's directly from "Islam Q&A"? I was told this website is run by a bunch of fanatical Wahabi Muslims who think everything is haraam. I don't believe the group Native Deen are Sufi. I think they have a...
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    My poem

    According to their website, "Native Deen uses only percussion instruments, in line with the Muslim majority opinion on the use of musical instruments..." What if someone heard this group and it made them curious about Islam and they found the straight path and became a Muslim? Wouldn't...
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    My poem

    Thank you! What a beautiful poem. Have you heard of the group Native Deen? Look them up on utube - especially a nasheem called "Not Afraid To Stand Alone" (Hope "nasheem" is the right spelling of the term, my Arabic is not good to say the least!) May Allah (SWT) forgive me if this is...
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    Beer and wine used in cooking

    I do realize alcohol is haraam, but what about for cooking? Alcohol evaporates when heated, and the amount of beer in chili (for instance) wouldn't be enough to intoxicate anyone. Most all flavoring extracts also contain alcohol, but in very small amounts, again not enough to become drunk...
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    Finnish Cabbage Rolls (Kaalikaaryleet)

    Thank you! Thank you, dear sis - I just wanted to make sure you were using a sweet syrup in your savory dish. I think honey or corn syrup would work...I'm going to replace the ground beef with tempeh, hope it fools my meat eating husband! Halal meat isn't very available in my area, so I...
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    Finnish Cabbage Rolls (Kaalikaaryleet)

    A question for Chef Sister Harb Your recipe looks delicious, but what is the "syrup" you refer to when you are ready to bake the rolls? Corn syrup? Maple syrup? Cough syrup? :confused: LOL! Thank you! P.S. I'm in the US, but can order anything online.
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    Grandmother Aapa Dearest sister Aapa - please come back! We need your input! (and I don't want to be the oldest around here!) Just kidding! I hope all is well with you. SK:blackhijab: