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    Why Jesus is not Son of God?

    Why Jesus is not Son of God? - Dr. Zakir Naik - Questioner accepts Islam.
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    les 100 géants

    Les 100 Géants 10: Piri Reis
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    Los 100 Grandes

    Los 100 magníficos 3: Abu Bakr as-Siddiq Los 100 magníficos 4: Abd el-Karim El-Khattabi Los 100 magníficos 5: Abd al-Qádir al-Yaza'iri Los 100 magníficos 6: Los dos hermanos Barbarroja
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    les 100 géants

    Note: For best view for you tube videos, always choose the following options from the right bottom video corner : Settings: (Speed: normal) – (Quality: 360 p). ******************* Les 100 géants -Le premier épisode- Jehad Al Turbani Les 100 Géants (2) les 100 géants ...3 Abubakr...
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    Los 100 Grandes

    Note: For best view for you tube videos, always choose the following options from the right bottom video corner : Settings: (Speed: normal) – (Quality: 360 p). ************************** Los 100 Grandes ... el primer capitulo Los 100 magníficos. 2 ¿Que sabes de tu historia...
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    "Mörder. Eklat bei Merkels Pressekonferenz mit Al-Sissi Video vom Vorort Fagr al Eladly

    "Du bist ein Mörder!" - Der Eklat ist nicht, dass eine junge Ägypterin Sisi nach der Pressekonferenz als Faschist beschimpfte, sondern der Eklat ist die Einladung Sisis durch Merkel und die Bundesregierung nach Berlin.
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    Petition,Free Mohamed Soltan

    DAY 1 of Action : 594 days of waiting. On August 25th, 2013, Mohamed was taken from his home along with three of his friends when security officials did not find his father at home. Since then, we've waited on every trial for a leaked video, photo, news, letter, etc. We waited to hear the news...
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    Petition,Free Mohamed Soltan

    وجزاكم بالمثل .. *************
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    Petition,Free Mohamed Soltan

    Assalamu alaikum, After a military Coup toppled the democratically elected government, Mohamed Soltan took part in the Rabaa Square Protests. Although Mohamed Soltan is not a Muslim Brotherhood member, his desire to help and his ability to speak both English and Arabic fluently, led him to...
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    The manners of conversation

    By: Shaykh Abdul-Fattaah Abu Ghuddah (RA) Source: 4.1 SELECTING SUITABLE TOPICS In Sura Al-Haj, Allah described the believers ‘And they have been guided to the purest of speeches; and guided to the path of Him who is worthy of all praise.’ When you talk during your...
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    Petition, last time failed, TRY AGAIN

    Petition, last time failed, TRY AGAIN Assalamu alaikum, REALLY IMPORTANT, IF YOU REALLY CARE.. Pleaseee All do Copy Paste, Share, Forward or Go to the website, act as soon as possible that we can reach the goal Inha Allah for now and for our kids in the future.May Allah ...SWT make everything...
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    QURAN EXPLORER You can here & watch the recitation , both. Also you can read & here the translation to the language you desire to here, selecting the translator you prefer to hear . You can select the reciter you prefer. You can select the Surah (chapter ), or Ayah ( verse) You can...
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    الهروب الكبير لتيرى جونز

    الهروب الكبير لتيرى جونز إن هذه التحديات وصلت البائس تيري جونز فورإعلانه الأول بأنه سوف يقوم بمحاكمة القرآن ثم حرقه . إن هذا الفيلم وغيره من بهلوانيته الصبيانية ـ هو وحلفاؤه ـ ليست إلا رد فعل العاجز الفاشل في الرد علي هذه التحديات !! إذا كان انسانا لديه ذرة من كرامة أو حياء لقام بالرد...
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    تحميل كتاب العقائد الوثنية فى الديانة ال&#1606

    كتاب العقائد الوثنية فى الديانة النصرانية تأليف : محمد طاهر التنـّير البيروتى . تحقيق ودراسة : محمد عبد الله الشرقاوى . أستاذ الفلسفة ومقارنة الأديان المساعد ـ كلية دار العلوم ـ جامعة القاهرة . محتويات الكتاب : صفحة 11 مدخل عام . 14 الآيات الواردة عن عيسى عليه السلام ورسالته...