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    Eid Mubarak to all in advance, I am Sohail from India..I have replied to 2 more threads on this site and I am new. I converted 2 years back. Please help me out with the issue of Zakat. I sold my property 3 months back and got some money. However, I struck a deal again within one month of...
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    Disturbed By All the Different Quran Translations

    Dear Sister, Aslam Walequm I am Sohail from India and I converted 2 years back.. Yes, your concern is indeed justified ..I have read translations in Hindi and English but still I would advise you to concerntrate more onn sunnah of Prophet Mohammd (PBUH) and way of life as told by Allah...that...
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    Do we have "Double Intentions" this Ramadan?

    Dear Brother, Aslam Walequm, I am Sohail.I converted 2 yrs back. and I am in India..U r right...Pls remember me in Dua..