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    Website problems

    We will investigate. Thank you for letting us know.
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    Scary China bans Ramadan fasting in Muslim province

    Subhanallah. Why can't people just let everyone believe and worship however they want? It seems the last few years the world has taken many steps back as far as tolerance and respecting others.
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    Im so down right now, I dont know what to do....

    Selam Aleykum Sister, Calling the police for help does not put you on a list or go on any record that someone can search you on. Don't worry. They get 1000's of these calls a day so do not even track them- that is why they blew you off, they just don't have the time or resources to help for...
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    Interesting NAFL PRAYERS IN SHAB-E-BARAAT - Night of Salvation [MUST READ]

    You find hadiths on the subject in different hadith books (i.e. Ibn Majah, Ibn Hibban, and Sahih Bukhari) and many scholars with this opinion, so it is not superstition. Some scholars say they are weak, other say they are not and also the sheer number of ayat on the topic also show that there...
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    Innovation of Mid-Shaban

    It worked for me.
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    Interesting NAFL PRAYERS IN SHAB-E-BARAAT - Night of Salvation [MUST READ]

    Thank you Tabassum, I have read the article but it did not go into the detail I had hoped. It just kept saying "The correct opinion is ..." but did not specify the hadith or its weakness and did not support a lot of its points with evidence- you basically are forced to just trust the author...
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    Interesting NAFL PRAYERS IN SHAB-E-BARAAT - Night of Salvation [MUST READ]

    There is a difference of opinion of the scholars here (and other virtues of Shaban), throughout Islamic history lasting to today. This is because many of the hadith on Shaban (not all) are classified as weak but there are so many of them that it is compelling to accept this night and month as...
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    Visiting Pompeii- Allowed or Not?

    Dubai is very nice, I have been there.
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    Visiting Pompeii- Allowed or Not?

    @SERAHSI Sister you put this in the wrong thread I think.
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    Attire for Muslims

    The Prophet SAW was reported to pray a few times without anything on his head. Times of this was when he did not have a sutra so he took off his turban and used it as a sutra and also when he was shaved bald and on hajj he did not have anything on his head during salaht then either. The sunnah...
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    TurnToIslam Reverted to Islam today.

    Wa Aleykum Selam wa Rahmatullahi wa Barkatuh, Congratulations brother on your reversion. We are always happy to hear this news and help out our new brothers and sisters in any way. There are plenty of white reverts around so don't worry about being different. Most mosques in my area...
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    I Have Lost 11 Years of My Life!

    Subhanallah, May Allah reward them for their patience, what a test.
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    Can you use a bathroom rug as a prayer mat?

    As long as it does not have any impurities or pictures of living animals you can pray on anything, even dirt or sand.