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  • struggling to become better to be more patient and to always be concious of Allah (swt)
    another day another blessing...
    "you take care of the internal obligations and Allah will take care of the external ones"

    Ya Allah, strengthen my heart...

    Wa aleykum salaam sister ..alhamdulilah am good so are my family and friends
    How are you, ur family, emaan, and health
    Sorry for the late replay sis
    Take care
    Wa salaam
    All the way in England.. lol.. i was laughing at that..
    where do you live?

    mashaAllaah u have a daughter .. yay.... a very very late congratulations :)
    i dont go school.. im doing islamic studies now.. yup friends n family are good Alhamdulillah.. how about at your end?

    take care
    Yup Alhamdulillah im well :)
    You have kids mashaAllaah :) Wow .. may Allah bles them and you :)

    take care
    im glad you replied back sister :)
    Make duaa for my family please!


    Another Friday another missed oppertunity...**sigh**
    im soo sorry. :redface:
    i never realised we have not ever talked!! **gah** and you have been on my friendlist for looong... im sooo sorry...

    i feel so baad :(
    Usra at the masjid today. Maymuna was great and quite!! Alhamdulilah.

    Alhamdulak ya Allah


    " seriously working on my faith and sincerity....

    Sore loser in this dunya ok, but not in the hereafter too!

    WaAlaykum AsSalaam, I've been well Alhamdullilah, May Allah grant you and your family Jannatul Firdous Ameen, and I see your taking your daughter to the masjid for the first time eh? Alhamdullilah that's great she'll love it. Every kid love the masjid lol.
    Taking My daughter to the masjid for the first time on Sunday inshallah!

    May Allah bless her always and make her from the saliheen inshallah!

    Pray for those who need guidance, and pray for those who are astray...
    As Salaam Alaikum sis,
    how r u? hop ur tooth is ok now. i can understand u- i know how painful it is. have'nt got it yet but had other tooth probs which are now history;-) ALHAMDULILLAH
    take care and be happy!!!
    another day, another blessing along every path.

    Subhanallah wabihamdihi subhanallah al3atheem!
    ya Allah make my heart strong and my soul steadfast and my life working for You!
    Tasbahoon 3ala khair
    Wa Alaiykum Salaam Warahmatallah,

    Jazaakallah khairan dear sister :)

    May allah keep me and you steadfast upon the deen and bless our loved ones ameen.
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