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  • yea but she has a point we were not showing enough proof to prove our point this could lead to a lot of misconcepions.
    Assalamu allaykum dear brother

    Inshallah you are well with Allahs Mercy.

    Regarding your question, we should avoid as much as we can talking with opositive gender, how in our daily life, as well here on TTI. Alhamdulilah we are alowed to talk about Islaam, like here on TTI we are taking and disscusing about Islaam or other issues on public threads. But we should avoid freerly and unnecerry talking with opostive gender.
    Dear brother, it is fine that you are talking with colegs- sisters from your class, but it should be limited only for neccesery talking. I am sure you are good Muslim dear brother,and may Alah keep you always like that. ameen:tti_sister:

    I hope Inshallah I could help you with your question somohow,and If you have any question you can always ask me Inshallah.

    take care

    May Allah bless you

    Assalamu Allaicum once again dear brother

    Allhamdullilah I am well too

    InshAllah you just need to have patient, and with time you will learn more. Our brothers said it correct you are still young mashAllah, but I am also not too much older than you. :)

    MashAllah you are from Toronto, it is beautifull place, and Allhamdullilah I am also from somwhere but mostly my location is TTI:)

    May Allah bless you and protect you

    Wa Allaicumu sallam wa rahmatullah wa barakatuhu dear brother

    You are most welcome for the remainder and I am very glade you have find it usefull. :)

    I have red your thread and MashAllah other brothers and sisters have provided you very beneficial answers. InshAllah you have gain some knowledge and that things are no more clean to you than before you asked a question.

    Jazak allah khair for the friend request. :)

    May Allah bless you

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