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    As salamu ma prezint

    Alhamdu li Allah Bine ne-ai gasit!
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    Everyone will see your DVD

    Assalamu aalikom Great speech ma sha Allah O6LccAn-okw&feature=relmfu
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    You will be resurrected

    Assalamu aalikom QGGJwrQivYE&feature=relmfu
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    As salamu ma prezint

    Wa aaleykom salam wa rahmtu-llahi Bine ne-ai gasit surioara.. Suntem...mai de peste tot:) alhamdu li Allah Fie ca Allah sa te binecuvateze si pe tine si pe familia ta
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    :salam2: i can't wait:) :ma: jazaki Allah khair suri
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    Need your help please!!!!

    As'salamu aaleykom May Allah help your son and may Allah give u patience
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    "Even Mountains Fear Allah!!!" Allahu Akbar

    Wa aaleykom salam Jazakum Allahu khairan
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    60 Ways To Keep Your Husband’s Love

    Wa aaleykom salam Jazakum ALlahu khairan
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    A quest for Love

    Wa aaleykom salam wa rhamut-llahi wa barakatuhu Ameen Ya rab Jazakum Allahu khairan brother
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    Flag Of Islam?.

    AS'SALAMU AALEYKOM Sheikh Assim's answer: Assalamu alaikum, This is not the official flag and there isn’t any such thing. As for the color green, it has no Islamic meaning to it.
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    Is it haram to style my hair like this?

    As'salamu aaleykom sheikh assim has answer to you Assalamu alaikum, It is forbidden to shave some part of the head or really trim it while leaving the rest (usually the top) longer. This is known as Qaza’a in Islam and it is forbidden. But if the length of the side of the...
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    A quest for Love

    Sheikh Assim Alhakeem yJyNTD3AgnY
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    Making up missed prayers

    ilyas- am asking, if a person now prays 4 rakat of prayer (continuously, like fard..) that he missed out in 2005, is in it like a bid'aah? just concerned.. Sh.Assim answer Assalamu alaikum, This is an innovation and it is not recommended. second questtion: evidences...
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    Making up missed prayers

    As'salamu aaleykom sheikh assim's answer for our brother Assalamu alaikum, It is not permissible to make up for the mixed prayers with the regular prayers of everyday. The prayers that were missed for not legitmate reason can’t be made up. You have to offer voluntary prayers and ask...