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    Dajjal Has Been Identified!!

    :salam2: I thought it was Bush or Obama. :/ :wasalam:
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    Introducing 'The TTI geekSquad'!

    :salam2: I had to read your post 3 times before making any sense of it. My parents still wonder why I wasn't a science major ! :/ Just thinking of physics brings back traumatic memories from high school days. *shivers* As per OP, All I have to say is Alhamdulilah you guys were born. I'll...
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    Surah Naba (Warsh!)

    :salam2: Sister Al-Fajr Thanks for sharing. :wasalam:
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    US billionaires pledge 50% of their wealth to charity

    :salam2: Hmm Ever so critical. j/k *nods head* :wasalam:
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    Guess who is leaving?????

    :salam2: Hah', Good one! You got me :/ I was expecting one of those 'I'll have to be gone for a while threads'. :salam2:
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    Your way to Islam !!!!!share your story

    :salam2: SubhanAllah, Your story is really striking. I cannot believe that you possess such an inquisitive mind at such a tender age. If you happen to live in Southern California, send me a PM, I know a small cambodian Muslim community in Orange County. May Allah bless you. w/Salam
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    Thought Provoking Quotes

    SubhanAllah, How strikingly true it is. But those who take such an approach due so because they cannot accept the consequences of their actions, which inevitably will lead to feeling of remorse and hence it is much easier to live in denial and seek forgiveness without truly feeling the weight...
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    Home sweet home

    Saalam, Nice to see you back Old Timer .. :D
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    :salam2: You're absolutely right :wasalam:
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    Where do you live?

    Orange County, California
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    Islam way

    :salam2: Oh this made me laugh .......... Thanks for the funny post sister. LOL, let my mom make the decision.;/ :wasalam:
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    :salam2: Some of the points in your post can be debatable, but thank you for posting. It is interesting :0 :wasalam:
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    Calling all Procrastinators!

    :salam2: PRESENT :D :wasalam:
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    For safety sake

    :salam2: Alhamdulilah, it's nice to know that you're content with school and traveling. SubhanAllah sister, I had the same experience many times in my life and each time I cannot feel but be surprised and at the same time I feel more grateful toward Allah SWT than the previous time. Our...
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    Anyone knows how to deal with bad ppl!

    :salam2: You just ignore them. :/ :wasalam: You should tell us more about this bad neighbor of yours. Elaborate please.