ya allah madad
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  • Neena, I read your PM.
    No I havent been hibernating. Ive been hell busy with studies. Loaded with assessments. I am sure youve been making dua for me right? JK

    Fee Amanillah.
    salam, ok i think i get it. its like ur originally from Afghanistan but u lived so long in Pakistan, so u become from there. just like when someone lives so long in the usa, they bacome from there sort of. i've lived out of my country for long, but i will always be from Afghanistan lol. no i dont know zuma, i tried playing call of duty, its ok so far, just got to get used to the keys for this and that
    salam sister freedom fighter,
    i thought every Afghan can speak pakhtu.well,my assumption can be wrong:(
    i am afghan cos every pakhtun is afghan but i am from Pakistan.
    anyways,we are muslims and we are bounded by a very strong relation and that is islamic sisterhood.:)
    any new pc games????????;)
    try zuma.
    wsalam. I am good. I am used to of the losses in life.Things are going so -ve.

    I am tired of all this. Anyways...
    lol, havent tried it yet, the game.. kher wesi, how'd you know i speak pokhto? some Afghanis speak dari. you're Afghan too?
    "call of duty" i like its game play but its so noisy so i dont like it.
    i like sniper elite and zuma deluxe.
    pa khair raghlay khore jaan.
    i am so happy i have another afghan sister.
    hope to hear more inshallah.
    asalam u alaikum sister plz do wait i will send you my poems and reply to your message inshallah because now i have got only some minutes to come on tti,actually i sent my sister to make pokaras for me and got this chair to sit on :D..................oh! she came.ab meri shamt:jumpclap:.khuda hafiz
    AAAWWW you are SO SO SO so swet dear sister. :):)
    im sorry you didnt recieve my pm, altho i dont actually remember what i wrote!!

    Im happi you liked the nasheed..... but even i have not got around to downloading it!!
    You're 1 step ahead of me!! :D:D :lol:
    You mind sending me the link?? please JazakAllah.

    Hope you been keeping well inshAllah.
    Looads of love from here.

    Hope to see your enormous gigantic reply **eyelash flutter**


    love you for the sake of Allah
    take care
    remember me in your duaas also.
    salam, no actually i dont play a lot of pc games, but i just might coz now there is this game, 'call of duty' in my computer. Afghanistan, i come from there.
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