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  • Aww :( sorry about that.. I have been busy with uni and didn't log in, I didn't see your message, only after quite a while. Are you busy? Depression sucks, I'm here, you can talk with me :) And we have our language we can talk in too :)
    lol drane khoray:p!!you knwwe had a joke about it can be used for heavy as well right.so hope you get it:p

    i'm so happy my useless words were effective!!sobhanallah i'm really very khoshala che thasoo tha sakoon milo sho:)sister don't worry!!inshallah you and our brother in islam will be united and have a happyhappy life:)

    heheheh aw de mana la kana :Dme the gr8 coz my sis is double great:)!
    thasoo na taposs kom if you don;t mind:)thasoo pak ke da chartana ye??kho da personl ye nu i'll understand.

    :wasalam:wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu
    *starts here*...

    weeehaa:psis from pak sis from pak:SMILY252:

    sister i know what you are talking about.this happens to me as well:)it's natural nd recently i read a post which says it's a test for us.i kno wat u mean:)coz i at times undergo stress for no real reason and everything seems so black and white
    what do i do?i dunno mostly i just talk to ALLAH and one way or the other i realise i'm being silly and then i say astagfar for being so unhappy with things that are all perfect:)!

    mostly i make thread or two at TTI..nag ppl here,make stupid jokes:p,this is my antidot.TTI i mean:) usually what makes me sad is TTI too.incase i dont get responses to my Qs or msg.then i feel bad coz i like TTI very much and i expect a lot from my bros and sisters here,so when they are late for any reason in any sort of response i start feeling cranky:).so may be there is somthin for u too.anything!anyone,friends,family.who make you happy and depressed equally well!
    sis don't lose faith in what you started.thing take time in causing their effects:)just keep firm on it.it is shaitan trna scare you so that you would give up beliving it's doing no good:)

    remember ALLAH never listens to those who say i asked ALLAH but he didn't grant me what i want.i recently read some ayah or hadith on that too.if i can i'll get it for you so you'd understand.so your new practices will bring peace.....take my word on that.and i got to say.bia ba me manay:p
    i'm from pakistan alhumdulillah.where are you from??mesbha:confused:whose that???

    hehehe lol khoiray definitaley na de manum:p!!..............kidding lol:)!!
    :salam2:wa rahmatullai wa barakatuhu!!
    hey sis hope you good.i think you know why i'm here:p...........okay manam de:)

    now tell me how did you know...........oh come on!!:eek:
    Salam dear, lol.. How are you?? I miss you too. It has been a while, wassup? Such a sweet message <3 Jwand senga de? ;)
    Wa alaykum Salamoona khorey. Ma pe tsomra khe alfaazo yadaye, Khuday de pe de duniya au haghe izatuna darki. Hets zaroor nedai che bakhana woghwarhe. Ze pohegema che sta pe gharha der karuna praate di. Ze, de Khuday fazl dai, tereegi, khayema. Khpela waya, tsenga ye? Ammi Jaan, Abbu Jee, wrona au khor me, tol khe di InshaAllah? Au kana, mohem kas me de yaada wuwate, JEEJU! Tsenga dai? =D Naaa! Da tse waye marhey! Tsomra kha khushkhabari de rakrha! Khuday de khpel pe hifz au amaan ke wosata. Dua dua di derpese. Khpel khyaal sata, au salamoona au ihtiramaat ba tolo ta zema taraf na worasaye. Pe de zaan ne khlasawoma, Mubaraki de paate da. Bya ba sara khabere woku InshaAllah.

    Sta Chutku.
    how are you? how is life going? havnt seen you for so long.........where are you?im missing you. luv you. HAYA
    :lol: dun worry sis inshallah all will be fine:D:D whn's ur wedding? :eek: u mean im not invited???? :eek: :lol: kidding hehe :D:D May Allah bless you with happiness ameen!:D:D
    :lol:mad:sum1 is free
    yeah took me long enough to get free heheh
    keep in touch sis and take care:D
    love ya too baji ;)
    Aww sweet behna!!! LONG TIME NO SEE!!:eek: i missed ya:D:D:D
    glad ur back lolzz im fine hw bout u? :D:D:D
    im doin f9 alhamdulilah my exams are over nd im sooo free! :lol: how bout u ? take care!
    haha does ur hubby like pink too? lol I guess not hahahaha thanks sweetie! Love u lots! MashaAllah!! :)
    Aww my dear Nina! I'm doing well, mashallah! How are you princess bride lol mashaAllah! I'm so happy for you Nina!!! Crazy difficulties at home though :( :( PLEASE keep me in ur du'as sister!! Please inshallah!! :(
    MashaAllah I'm goo Dearest Nina. How are you? How's your family? Aww your getting married! That's right! May Allah bless you honey and a happy life and a beautiful pious Muslim family ameen! I love you for the sake of Allah swt!! :)
    walaikum salam baji, و أنت من أهل الجزاء ameen to you ur dua ukhti, but just pray for one pious wife and inshallah Allah (swt) will bless me when time is right Installah taala, :) i dont think i would be able to fulfill the requirement of two wives, I worry about the one.

    Do remember me in ur duas thou, May You have a blessed married life - ameen
    Assalam Alaikum sis,
    If your reply was late... mine is laaaaaaaaaaaaaaatttttttttttttttttteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.... :( please do excuse me for such a late reply, was caught up with too much work.
    I am happy to be friends with such a lovely girl like u dear... hope we get to know each other and benefit with each others knowledge.
    May Allah bless you... remember me in ur duaas.....
    Love and hugs.
    aslam o alaikum
    baji :) i saw ur msg regarding ur shadi :) bohat bohat mubarik ho aap ko May Allah (swt) always keep you happy - ameen
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