ya allah madad
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  • wa alaykumu salaam wa rahmatullah sis

    wa anti min ahli ljaza' :)
    barakallahu fiki for confirming :)
    i hope youre in the best of health and eeman
    love you fillah
    big hug
    wa salaam
    Walikumsalam sweet behnaaaaa :D:D:D
    eid mashallah fir guzar rahi hai....lolz aap logo na qurbani kar b li jo tiqqa kha raha ha :lol: i want tiiiiiiiqqqqqqqqqaaaaaaa :D :lol:
    Ma iss time tou tti per hi hn lolz u tellz......walikumsalam
    *Eid Mubarak*!!!!! sis im glad ur fine im fit fine toooooooooooooo :lol:
    mashallah me nd my family safe alhamdulilah :lol:
    Remember me in prayersssssssssss

    u 2 tc!!!

    are the views and notions given by sheikh imran alhussain can be supported by authenti ahadith?
    he says that gog and magog are caucasians or in other words caucasians or white are the gog magog.
    what do u say?
    wa'alaykum salaam

    Alhumdulillah am better, jazakAllah khair for asking, means a lot. :)

    How r u ukhti?
    Walikumsalam sweet sis :D
    No problem about frnd inv :D Well ask anythin u wanna know about me :D hope to learn bbout u too:D whats ur name sis?

    Assalamualaikum Dearest.

    Hope this finds you in good health and Islamic spirits. Just dropped by,while I was lucky with my account, which never seems to work, to ask how you are. How your family is and how things are going for you. Missing you very much, hope we can get in contact soon.

    Khor jaane, khuday de khpel pe hifz aw amaan ke wosaati, de khpel waano sara InshaAllah, be imana aw ba sehata :)

    De Khuday pe Amaan.

    Sta Chutku, always.
    studies.. i dont know, exams are coming up, and i need at least a credit, that is a C. you know for a-levels even that can be hard :(. im supposed to be so busy studying, and im trying. pukhto mi sam nerazi :( khabiri kaweleshem kho dir sam na :(
    who are they? are they shi'ies and americans? astaghfirullah how could they be allowed to do such things?? i mean how could the pakistani army listen to them and commit such shameless acts? well its corruption. may Allah guide them and may Allah remove such corruptions. Ameen. what can we do, but to make du'a for our Ummah.
    me too, im going to have exams but instead im online.. life is so miserable :( are you in Pakistan? its very bad situation there, you are walking on the street or you are in a market and you never know that a bomb might blast right there. this and with the worry about your relatives and other Muslims. i guess its hard for them to restore peace.. inshaAllah definitely i will pray.
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