ya allah madad
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  • asalam u alaikum,
    huzoor e wala log jag rahy,raton ki neendain b uri hoi hain............2 weeks baad final exams hain.isliy.....inshallah paperz k baad mulaqat ho gi....plz boht ziyada dua kijiy ga that i fulfil my familyz wishes.......waisay mujy acha laga apka kehna.
    with love haya
    Wa'alaykum salaam wa rahmatulLah :)

    Im ok and mums well too, just busy. shes had a good ramadhan too Alhumdulillah as she wasnt well before,

    how are u and the fam?

    thnx hun, missed you too

    yes on afghan and pakistan border.
    its very famous for i mean notorious for shia sunni clashes but all the sunnis have removed from parachinar by shias and there i s no sunni living there.they are idp's as swat ppl are.
    Wa alaykum salaam warahmatullah!

    It's sooo good to hear from :) I haven't been on TTI in a really long time!

    Eid Mubarak to you and the family too my dear. Hope you are all doing well Insha Allah. How have you been? What have you been upto lately? I pray that all has been well on your end Insha Allah.

    Fee Amaanillah dear

    Wasalaam :)
    he mite be but mostly people say what i jz told u cause no1 has seen him....unless ur suggesting hes zoro or something :p
    oh my bad ur a sis....thought u were a bro should look into ur profile but since i read juba blow ur name i yhought u were a guy... juba or baghdati as he is better known is not jz one man as i have heard...it is the name of a group of people who have been trained by a top military personnel (from pakistan thats what i heard or from iran) who went rogue....
    Oh my beauty, how can I ever forget you? Just on Eid day I was conversing with my sister about you. Just up until a few hours ago. I can never forget you, you are far, but very close, deep down in my heart, always. Love you like you will never know.
    JUBA is not real i hear jz fictious.....i thought u were in swat bro cause u posted pics of it .....broke my heart :(

    MY lovely chuvley sister! :p :D
    how are you my beautiful ukhtii? Missing you a lot

    Eid mubarak to you

    dear misbah how are u?
    i am alhamdulillah fine.
    kuch masroofiat aisi hoo gaye thi keh comp ke liye time hi nhy nikalta tha.
    i miss u too.aap ki poetry kaisi ja rahee hy?
    miss ur pyaari poetry alot.
    apna khayal rakhye ga.
    eid mubarak
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