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  • Ramadhan Mubarak.

    As-salaamu'alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuhu wa maghfiratuhu!

    This is to all my sweethearts :)


    May Allah reward you all with the best reward. jazakAllah khair katheer for always being there for me and hearing me out. You guys ROCK!!
    I truly and honesy hope to meet you guys in this duniya. If not, then in the Aakhira! Ameen

    Take care my darlings
    Make dua for me please, i am in dire need of your pious duaas.

    Your Sister Asmaa

    x x x

    P.S sister Muslimah86 i hope u dont mind me "borrowing" ur idea :D
    Alhumdulillah im well
    aww sis thats ok.. Alhumdulillah ur well.. i was gettin worried thats all :)

    ofcourse i care for u! :)
    ur the 1st sis to call me ur sis... u have no idea how happi i felt when u called me that.. i felt so special and i love u for that :)

    best of wishes on the job
    dont be so hard on yourslef

    take care meri pyaari behna
    love u always x x x
    Wassalaam :D
    asalam u alaikum,
    sister neena where are you?long time has passed since last listened from you......im missing you. i pray that everthing is ok with you. wasalam
    As-salaamu'alaykum :D:D

    have not heard from u in AGES!! how are u meri pyaari behna..? :)
    hope ur ok inshaAllah

    Wats new..? aawwwww missing u a lot *hug*
    take care

    Asalam sister..

    - Im fine alhamdulilah, hmm im not from Pakistan, where did u read that? i dont speak URDU.. :) . but i have many paki friends maybe u will like to be friends with them ...

    from ur sister in islam ..
    Wa Alaykum Salaam Dearest Sister Neena,

    I bet you are surprised that I know your name and wondering how ... LOL! You will probably be even more surprised to know that I am Mesbah's sister (your chutko :p). She has told me a lot of goodies about you... ;)

    Thank you for asking, Alhamdulillah I am well. How have u been keeping? How is sister Khangul and Ammi Jaan? Hope all are well.

    Anyway Sis, talk some other time Insha Allah. Khuday deh Khpel peh hifz ow Amaan ke wesaata.


    ~Saba :)
    Assalamu Alaikum,

    I thought I pay you visit...Inshallah hope you are in good health and highest of Emaan.
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