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    The Scented Sands

    The Scented Sands I write to you before my slumber, And I seek your answer before the day. For the coward's eyes never sleep, never rest, As I watch you crumble, what am I to say? You haunt my thoughts, and you thrive in my heart, For the blood that's spilled, you are more than worth. But my...
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    Longing for redemption

    Longing for redemption My company remains my wandering heart, As the candles burn a sombre glow. The night a thief that steals my time, As the tears from my eyes continue to flow. I talk to my heart in hope it'll respond, But silence, its response, empty in tone. I try again, as my hope slowly...
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    The Storyteller

    The Storyteller Once upon a night filled time, Sounds eluded my distracted hearing. Occupied with the thought of gaining some rest, My heart at ease — no longer fearing. My soul pours out a subtle sigh, As I drop myself against a wall. As I drag my rifle towards my side, Another one...
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    Poetic Reminders.

    Salam: Brothers pass with humble smiles, Yet words of peace are not passed to another. Has your pride oppressed your tongue, From mentioning peace towards your brother? A greeting so great it is given to those, Who'll enter the gardens on a promised day. If you love for your brother what you...
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    Stranger's World

    Stranger's World Skies dispersed, Blueness fades. Stubborn hearts, At guard with spades. A world of madness, Ignoring our sorrow. Missing their target, They plot for tomorrow. Broken smiles, Hidden tears. Out my window, My soul still peers. World for a stranger, Unknown...
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    Pure I remember her tranquil, bluish eyes, Shimmering like the stars, that hang above. It's been too long, since I've gazed upon them, How sweet she was to befriend and love. I rest myself against my pack, The chill of the night begins to numb my core. The crackling of the fire the...
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    Land of the white minaret

    Land of the White Minaret Freedom sounds while a whisper travels, And floats on a road that hugs the towns. The land of the white minaret is calling, But it's whisper fails to convince the crowns. I see the red that paints the walls, The floors and hands, and all the clothes. But I...
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    Poetic Reminders.

    Being content: You watched as the hours had passed you by, While patience had settled within your heart. Always hoping that it'll happen right then, But another day leaves - you return to the start. Content with what has become of your life, You began to plot for a better day. But...
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    Heart of Iron

    Heart of Iron My Lord, You know of the tears I withhold, In hope that my smile will obscure my pain. But truth be told, my eyes are heavy, Like a heart of iron with an eroding chain. My path now set - my steps do fade, Forgotten by all, but I desire no remembrance. My freedom encased...
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    My smile - Touching poem.

    VIDEO VERSION - My Smile: Rhyming poem: B_r1SQaZ3Fg TEXT VERSION:
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    Poetic Reminders.

    How many times have you wished and dreamt, While the morsel in your chest had silently cried? Asking yourself "can I take it anymore?" As the plains of the world would quake when you tried. "Happiness escapes me" you began to whisper, While the candles in the night would burn away. Their...
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    She stayed in the rain

    VIDEO VERSION: csD4II7mfos
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    Longing Hope

    Asalamu 'Alaykuum, Jazakuum Allahu Kheir to all of you! I know I always say this, but I truly mean it when I say it, but I really appreciate your kind words. I ask Allah to make this poem of benefit to those who do see it's message.. Wasalam 'Alaykuum Wa Rahmat Allah Wa Barakatu
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    Longing Hope

    Longing Hope I looked into my heart in search of love, For longing has fallen into the depths of my soul. Captured and immersed - I grasped it tightly, A prisoner to hope - within me a hole. Pondering for hours while gazing above, The clouds floating by like the thoughts in my mind...
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    Poetic Reminders.

    Helping families: Seeing them working a tedious work, For an amount that you spend in less than an hour. Returning home with a loaf of bread, One that it's crusts are every bit sour. You see their children huddling together, Like moths to a flame - for a piece of bread. The water from...