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  • Alhumdulillah :)

    My room.. pretty.. Urm.. its green.. loOoOoll.. i want a pink one lol.. but i dont think so lol.. dream on me... maybe after im married, ill force my hubby for us to have a pink bedroom :lol: i think it will drive him crazzy lol :D :D

    Wat bout urs sis ?:)
    Hmm.. my studies.. lemme see.... its intersting lol :D
    We do quraan translation and ahadeeth kutub, like sahih bukhari, muslim, tirmidhi, abu dawud etc... wat wd u like to know? mind u those kitaab u do in the last years so.. im not reading them as of YET lol :D
    Oh yeaa! I forgot about your presentation lol. You mentioned it to me the last time :) InsyaAllah you'll do well for it!! Start by saying a prayer (silently in your heart of course hehe) then insyaAllah you wont be too nervous. Ergh, I really hate presentations but hey, I think they are way better than exams. I rather talk my way through then write something crappy on the exam paper. heh. Anyway, let me know how it went :) I'll make dua for you insyaAllah ;)
    No worries.... BarakAllah feek :)

    Hey sis im gona go now, got a long day ahead of me so i need to rest inshaAllah, still gor 'Esha Salaah to pray, so im gona go.

    *hiPoOoo hugss*
    Wassalaam :)

    Lots of love cmn ur way :)
    This is a story i wanted to share with you... and since we're already talking about ants.. lol.. i thot i wd mention it... :) Im sure u have most probably already heard of it :)

    Ur soOoOo funy sis lol :D

    Once, Sulayman (as) and his army of jinns and animals were passing over the valley of the ants. Seeing the pomp and glory of the army,the chief of the ants alerted all the ants to get into their holes so that the army would not trample over them. With the help of the wind,Sulayman (as) heard what the chief of the ants had said. He smiled and ordered his army not to move forward until the ants had got into their holes.

    He then addressed the chief of the ants, "How could my army harm you and your kind when we were passing well above you in the air? And don't you know that I am the prophet of Allah and would never hurt anyone unjustly?"

    The ant replied, "O Prophet of Allah, I did not warn them because of any harm that they would suffer, but I was afraid they would forget the glory of Allah (swt) after seeing your army."
    aaaaaaaaaawww sis r sOoOoOoOo cute mashaAllah, thinking of all these new hugs lol :D

    :lol: :lol:
    oh and dont talk about teeth please... my wisdom tooth is paining me loOoOoll
    Desserts..... nope.. LoOOoll.. i have a cough lol :D
    you ahve a sweet tooth i take it? :)

    U love ur desserts :) LoOoOol :D

    nothing fun lol.. just exams.. if u can count them as fun llo :D
    hahahaahah :lol: :lol: high 10 lOoOoOOll :D :D

    heheheheh *Asmaa gives high 10* loOoOoll
    Aaww, sis ull be ok inshaAllah, :) You'll do great inshaAllah Ta'ala :)

    im feeling better Alhumdulillah :)

    jazakAllah Khair for asking sis :)
    Wa'aalykum salaam :D

    Alhumdulillah it was *thumbs up* :)
    LoOoOolll.. ur fav emote.. :O LoOoOoll :D :D :D <<<<< and mine lol :D

    How are u ?:)
    Wasalaam sis :)

    Alhamdulillah so far everything is fine... My exam dates are out so make dua for me yes? :) Hope everything is going well there insyaAllah? Takee careee~ Talk sooonnn okie!!!
    lol i never cum on msn with phone... Hhm.. i shud sum day huh?! lol :D
    im appearing online aswell :confused:

    lol :D :D :D

    hahahahha!! we're not getting each others msgs lol :D
    another class now? COoOoOoll.... :D :D

    How was ur day? :)
    loOoOoOooolll.. ok ok i agree lol :D
    InshaAllah ill do great tmrw, i have ut du'aas with me ;)

    ook.. im waiting on msn :)
    Wa'alaykum salaam :D
    5520784% sure, :lol: :lol: hahahahah i was 100% sure only lol :D
    InshaAllah i hope i get better soOoOonn.. my exam is tomorrow lol :)

    Aaww,.... prevents the teacher from over working... You're so loving :)
    MashaAllah Ta'ala :)

    I inspire you......? *hug* JazakAllah khair ukhti :) Im not young.. lol im getting oollldd lol :D :D :D So ur planning on doing islamic studies tooo? :)

    *pretty hugs* hehehe loOoOoOoll... i cant top that one now lol :D
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