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  • Plenty of rest lol... Everyone treating me with royalty lol :D :D :D

    Your in clas.... ? Hope ur concentrating hard inshaAllah :)
    Love u sister :)

    And no no... flu is no bigggie :) I have a weak immune system lol :D
    hahaha.. Went Doc. gave me medicine so ill be oki inshaAllah, make loads and loads of du'aa my dearest :)

    *hippoOo hugs*
    Wassalaam :)
    special... nope.. just got a flu.
    going school? AAww.... goOoOod luck my sisetr.. Have a brilliant day :D

    Take care hun
    Love ya
    Wa'alaykum salaam ukhti :)
    YummmMmMmMmmmyy..... SoOoOoOoOo niceeee........ *slurps*

    jazakAllah khair :D
    Hey, can i ask how u uploaded a pic on my V.msg? :confused:
    lol hahahah..... i gtg and eat too lol :D
    loOoOoOoOoll... it can happen lol :D u can email me though .. no worries :)

    enjoy ur food inshaAllah :)
    Send me some dessert lol... :D

    *Gigantic enormous hugs ever on planet earth*
    Take care my dearest
    Wassalaam :) :D :D
    BEWARE,.... :lol: just kidding lol

    I miss u too.
    Luvya sis

    *turtle hugs* lol
    u like that one lol :D

    take care
    hhmmm..... urm.. i cannot remember lol :D lol.. sorry, inshaAllah next time u cum online i will make a note of it lol. hey, but i can be offline and we can still message you :)
    thats why im always as appearing offline lol :D

    JazakAllah khair for droping by sis :)
    lol... oh stop im blushing lol :lol: :lol: :D :D
    But trust me ur not wierd and ur the coolest for me :cool:

    Take care hun
    Wassalaam :)
    lol... im a random person thats why lol :D :D :lol:
    Im cool? that makes u coOoOoler :D

    Wa'alaykum salaam
    Take care 2 :)
    lol.... Food time.. i like ur way o fspeaking lol.. its sooOoOooo cute mashaAllah like you :)
    Hey im so sorry, but im out now lol.. i gtg

    Take care hun
    Wassalaam :)
    hahahaha..... ur not wierd ;) Your Misses :cool: lol :D
    Aawww you have a nephew.. thats so sweet mashaAllah :) Hey, well thats their job to bug us in the middle of the night lol :D Kids will be kids lol :D
    I am FULL of energy today lol :D :D Had an energy drink lol :D

    SoOoOo far, went shopping, and revised a little bit :) Nothing much really lol :D
    Unless you want all the teeny weeny minute details lol.. i dont want to bore you lol :D
    Or else you'll think i've gone nuts lol :D

    So what you been up to today? :)
    lol.. ur biogaraphy says u think your wierd... lol :D :D :D hahahahah

    Why sister.. You're so KoOoOoOoOoll mashaAllah :)
    You put a smile on my face alwayz :)
    You're anything but wierd lol :)

    Salaam 'aalykum :D
    Yppiieee You're onlineeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! Alhumdulillah... :)

    how are you my dearest sis? :)
    Oh sister please dont be sorry :)
    Its really oki, i dont mind.. you were busy, i can understand. :)

    And, ll.. please dont sue msn lol :D
    JazakAllah sister for your V.msg it brought a huge grin on my face lol :D

    Hope ur oki inshaAllah :)
    Take care Hun
    Dessert....LoOoOoOoll :D :D : D

    haahhahaahha.... am i not sweet enough? lol :D
    just kidding lol :D :D ..... urm... i had a double chocolate chip muffin :)... its counted right? lol
    hey i think you're busy :redface:
    sorry hun, we couldnt talk again. inshaAllah tomorrow? :)

    Love u sister.
    Wassalaam :)
    lol... yes it was enabled for some time now ukhti :)

    how are you keeping? :) emote lol *hug*

    Take care dearest
    Wassalaam :)
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