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  • "it makes me happy" guess what we are ALL happy NOW:) AlhamduliAllah:)
    I will see u AROUND inshaAllah!!!
    Allah hafiz NOW and ALWAYS:)
    loooove u 4 Allah's sake:)
    Asalaamu aleykum sister how are?
    hope everything is fine with you
    i miss talking to u
    wa salam
    Wa alaykumu salam sister i am fine alhamdulilah i have been trying to get mt head down in the books but i guess its not working lol.
    How are you ukhti? :)
    jazaki Allahu khyran dear sister for your dua i ask Allah that He hears and take it from you .

    take care dear sister

    salaam alaikom
    AlhamduliAllah sister, good to hear that! AlhamduliAllah I am fine so is the family:) AlhamduliAllah! "lol i finished everythin with "well" i just noticed" lol, u knw I have NOT noticed that until you MENTIONED it haha you are funny, jazakaAllah khairan for making me LAUGH:):):)
    Fi Amaani Allah:)
    Wa'Alaikum Assalam WarahmatuAllah Wabarakatuh sister,
    I am fine and thanks for STOPINGBY, I really appreciate it sister! btw hw are you doing? hw is your family doing? inshaAllah I hoping for the BEST:)
    wa 'alaykum salam wa rahmatullah

    No problem ukhti. Alhamdulillah I'm doing well, how are you?

    BarakAllahu feeki

    salaam alaaikom sis
    you are funny and not bored at all .

    i am lhamdulillah fine and i hope yo are too .

    well thanks for stopping by dear sis .

    many hugs and kisses .

    take care dear sis.

    salaam alaikom dear sister
    yes alhamdulillah everything is ok however work can e sometimes exhausting and actually i dont like my bosses they are really controling and they want everything to be excellent and i always argue with them
    but i still love my job alhamdulillah
    well take care too
    and i love you for Allah sake .
    Alhamdullaih, i jsut felt really really bad
    im glad you're okii with it.
    LUv ya 22

    Take care
    sis how is everything and school too .
    and how is cooking ?
    well i hope you aredoing well .
    let hear from you sis .
    salam alaikom
    no i have school just wondering when i sign in why isnt she online :( lol anyway come online i am on hehe
    Asalamu alaykum alhamdulilah your okay i was worried hope you family is fine iam okay thanks for asking didnt see you online for a few days has your school started again?
    Asalamu alaykum hope your okay sister havent heard from you hope the weather conditions have improved and May Allah protect you and your family ameen
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