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  • Assalamu Alaikum sister,
    how are you and your family? THE FLOOD?? how is't going in your city?? I hope you are safe and in the BEST of health/imaan.
    MAy Allah be with you and your family ALWAYS:) salaams and let me knw how your are doing inshaAllah.
    w aleykum salaam sis,

    hamdulillah i am fine ty

    i hope you have a nice day inshallah

    thanks for the add also :)

    ma as-salaama.
    Asalamu alaykum

    yeah, that was long time. ALhamdulilah i'm doing great. how are you doing ukhti:hearts: jazak ALlahu khayra for stopping by.

    salaam alaikom sis
    yes i guess if you dont cook well you better practice before getting married . men like eating from their wivs hands . it may be exhuasting but i guess women like this . i know this from k\my married sister .
    so may Allah reward you with the pious husband who you will cook for :)
    salaam alaikom dear sister
    well i live in Egypt .
    and today alhamdulillah is good i actually cooked to my family and they like it it was my first time to cook this food but it was delicious alhamdulillah :laughing-dancing:and my father liked it.
    how about you do you cook ?:biggrin:
    take care sis:hearts:
    assalamu alaikkum

    HEY THERE GURL!!!! its been soooooo didnt even add me as a friend!! I was waiting 4 u lol but then im like naw i'll just add herr. jk soo wats cooking??? lol talk to ya soon inshaALLAH!! wasalamzzz
    sister, you too are so cute. :) Everyone i have made friends with on TTI are sooo sweet and kind and cute. :):)
    Hope everything is going well.
    salaam alaikom dear sis
    where are yopu and how are you ? hope everything is fine inshAllah .
    how is your day ?
    let me know . take care :)
    Assalamualykum, nice to see you are online.
    I'm off to bed now, really tired, and i got an early start tomorrow!
    Take care inshAllah.
    Love you for the sake of Allah.

    So in advance......Good night, sleep tight, dont let the bed bugs bite! :lol:
    Just kidding,
    ps. i read your post about the flood, may Allah make it easy for you. InshAllah everything will be okii. Aameen.
    Wasalaam, x :)
    as wr wb...hey how are you doing sister..njce avatar...did copy from i am just playing..keep in touch
    Wa alaykumu salam sister iam fine alhamdulilah hope your fine too long time no hear hows things going with you and may allah bless you for stoping by :hearts: Wa salam sis :)
    salaam alaikom dear sis
    i am happy with your friendship so let me hear from you sooooooooon
    ok talk to you later sis .
    take care your sis love you for Allah sake :)
    Assalamualaikum sister,
    Thank you for the friend request. I hope you are doing well, Insya-Allah.
    Take care, *hug*
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