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  • LOL yee same tym.....:D:D:D
    aww, qadar lahu wamansha facal abaayo:D
    so inshaAllah some tym soon, u'll get tym to talk to them:D:DD:D:D:D
    lol.....I went to prayer and was physically out for lunch with my sisters and a brother of mine but mentlyy not there:shymuslima1::(
    lol...its a long storyyy...but dont worry its aall guud now:D
    at least u got to sleep:D:D
    love u hun:D:D:D:D:hearts::hearts:
    Assalamu alakkum sweetyyy!!!! EID MUBARAK!!! hahaha

    kk sis im gonna send it to u right now inshaAllah...remember...?? :D hahaha luv yaa lotssss
    Salam Alekum sister
    Jazaki Allah Khair 4 the wonderful eid card and wonderful message.. Wish u the same too InshAllah... Eid Mubarak 2 u and ur family :)
    take care

    lolz u lyk my goat.. hehhehe :D
    hugg abaayo:D
    I knw its hard...but u gotta do wat u gotta do in this dunya right. may Allah make things easy for u and the family !ameeen
    sleep well abaayo and always remember I got BIG love for u macaanto and wallahi iam not kidding!! the more I talk to u the more I feel lyk u r my sweeetest sis!! subhanaAllah!!!:D
    iam glad I made u happi:D all praise be to Allah and u very welcome:D:D:D
    love u morer sweety:D
    take care n salaam:D
    u r sweeterr :D:D:D
    and swwwwwweeeetesttt:D
    000h thats gunna be fun:D
    inshaAllah u'll have some nice convo by then:D
    iam super hapi for uuu abayoo:D:D:DD:D
    I knw we wud so have fun togetherrrr:D
    lol...u doonttt ?? its fine I too didnt use to wear one b4....but now iam geettin used to 'em abaays, I feel comfortable and good wen wearingg 'em:D:D inshaAllah u will toooo:D:D:D
    awwwwww HUGGGG hunnn!!!!:D:D:D:D
    iam sure its not that bad...............and yes waaku sari laha:D:D:D
    aaaaahh, I feel sad now:( but I knw u gunna be fine inshaAllah:D
    and so wish we lived by each other!! we wud so have fun together maannnn......put on our abaayas, hit the lake or anywhere where thay aint lots of somali qeelibadan LOL
    and jst be happy and laf and so much fun!!
    inshaAllah one day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    LOL u sure did...I was still lafin abt that surprised me, I was not expecting to read and laf that hard!!:D:D:D:D subhanaAllah:D
    ohh iam tooo:D heey did u do ur cillaaan?? I jst came from doin it:D:D:D
    but jst did the gacno onlyy LOL
    it was toofull and it was gettin late so I jst leftt :D:D:D
    but hands is enuf who wud see the leggs anywass LOL
    nothin big wallahi:D pray then family tym I guess or friends I havent decided anything yet:D
    I am supper excited toooooooooooooooooo:D:D:D:D
    subhanaAllah.....we waited and now it's here:D:D:D
    ~!~!ME IS HAPPI~!~!~
    LOL..............@ bal huuno issso ducay LOL
    man that funny wallhi Hunno :D:D:D:D;)
    aaaaaaaawww, thats so sweet I feel beeelo hada LOL
    LOL eeeeeeeesh calaa xabat Loos LOL
    thats so funni I knw wat that means:D:D:D
    anotha words for beelo waye LOL
    but wallahi that made me laugh realli harddd!!!! subhanaAllah
    u welcome, samirinaa:D:D:DD:
    love ya abaayo:D
    Lo0o0L...i Knew u was fikiring LOL ( a new word):D:D:D:D
    o00hhh!:D thats co0oll...ours start lyk 3 or two somethin so we getting ready now:D:D:D
    lol..ani xitaa wallahi!!!:D
    I missed our convo and everything:D
    and abt ur sis coppyin my poemss:D
    thats ok...she dont need to ask u knw:D
    they're for free LOL
    Mac maciiinnaa:D:D:D:D
    look who sneaked in:D
    lol iam waiting for tahajud LOL
    gunna be gone in abt 30 minss:D
    u goin toooo? is that y u r awake right now? or u cudnt fall a sleep coz u thinkin too much ab ur beloved abaayo ubaxeeey:D:D:D:D
    lol....cirka is geeyay yaahh...:D:D:D:D
    Assalamu Alykum sister.

    Jazakallahu Khair for the greetings! May Allah shower his blessings over you in abundance!

    Eid Mubarak to you as well!

    Wa alykum salaam warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

    Thank you!! Eid Mubarak to you tooo...uhhh I just wish you were there to celebrate with me :(

    luv uuu sooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Asslam'u Alykum sister,

    How you doing? Hope you having good time, Insha'Allah. Don't feel Alone on this awesome occasion, Insha'Allah.

    May Allah accept your fasts. Ameen.
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