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  • and aid mubarak
    may allah accept our good deeds and forgive our bad ones
    ya Allah free the muslim prisoners around the world
    Asslam u Alaikum wr wb dear sister,

    I haven't seen you on the forum for some time. is everything ok with you? Pls let us know.

    Wa Alaikum Salam,
    Asalam o alykum sister
    how are you?
    you not here for long time every thing is ok on your side ?
    may Allah keep you safe ...ameen
    asalam o alykum wr wb
    dear sister i am fine and doing quran study.but plz pray for my career.
    i think it is very difficult to look after the child.but it is most admirable work.
    salaam alaikom dear sister i missed you all wallahi

    i am back but i will only share in the only sister area .

    hope to hear from you

    salaam alaikom sister

    i see you are online so i thought i shouls drop by .

    hope you and your family in the best state inshAllah .

    take caredear sister
    jazaki Allahu khyran for the add .

    you are such a very good person .

    may Allah keep you and your family happy and healty

    salaam alaikom
    salam alaikom dear sister

    jumah mubarakah .i wanted to terll you that i find your thread really beneficial mashAllah .

    so may Allah increase you with Iman .

    take care salaam
    salam sister,
    mashallah ur threads are superb especially the revenge thread really impressed me.May Allah bless u with imaan and health ameen thuma ameen
    WA3leykumu Salam WAramatu allahi wabarakatuh
    May allah rewards you for your Good threads in this blessed forum
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