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    Hijama (cupping)

    Ok that youtube video is sick, the dry cupping looks better. lol
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    " This Is The Real Story "

    I love it thanks for posting JAK
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    Was Aisha 9 or 19 when she married?

    wait i read a book about her and it said she was 9 im confused
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    Stop calling me sister

    Well its not done on purpose but you shouldnt be upset about it
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    Hi im new on here

    Welcome this site is great, I have learened so much alhamdulilah. Feel free to ask everyone is so helpful.
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    Praying for you sister
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    Enter your opinion and tell?

    Yea i dont understant the question eaither brother :S
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    Men can shake hands with women.

    I agree with you when you say it depends on the INTENTIONS. I think people make islam look so complicated :S.
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    awww sister I will pray for you. Please pm me if there is anything I can do :) inshalla khair
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    The Dangers Of Women In The Field Of Business, Ibn Katheer

    istaghfafrallah...........People are always ready to argue anf misunderstand. Thanks for posting I understood your point and message :) Jak
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    Imam Abu Hanifah and the Atheist

    mashallah so true jak
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    Making up missed prayers

    I have a question. I only started praying and practicing 6 months ago. I am 30 years old. Alhamdulila i never ever miss a prayer. What do I do about all my messed prayers from the past? :( JAK
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    'I prayed for Obama to convert to Islam'

    It seems to me they just wanted to fill up news time................Im sorry this is pointless I agree with you brothers jak
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    A Few Miscellaneous Stories about the Fear of Allah

    Jak I really enjoyed this article
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    Sister JenGiove leaves TTI

    I dont know who she is, but if she really cared and loved this site she would be open minded and know that some people have diffrent opinions and ideas on discussions and not take anything personal. Inshalla she changes her mind and comes back
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    Salaam to Muslims!

    Salam to you too, I have only been on for a couple of months and Alhamdolila I love it. I have learned so much.
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    Saudi Women Attack Maid..

    This is awful..............:(
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    Some times its a blessing and some times its a testing...

    i love these pics subhanallah
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    FREE 6 Month Arabic Course

    Im a sister hehe! Um ahmad lol I tried to signed up and it asks me to pay jak
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    FREE 6 Month Arabic Course

    where does it say its free for six months? jak