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    Jewish Rabbi Tells the Truth About Gaza

    I will respond with another question: " why is that muslims from all over the world, but especially from those arabic countries were their mouth is being "shout", where their soul and their religion are being continuously "under arrest"" ,"why they do not raise arms...
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    Allahu Akbar!..Unbelievable Donations in Dubai

    "GIVE ME LIBERTY OR LET ME DIE" this one man was saying... but the question is : "To DIE how? like a a sheep catch in a trap?! A TRAP were arrabic leaders are still keeping closed??!!!! or To DIE fighting for the Liberty of your Land!! for the Liberty of...
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    International War Crimes & Criminals "The George W. Bush Doctrine on U.S. foreign Policy: (1) The U.S. claims the right to preemptive use of military power, including nuclear weapons; (2) The U.S. will not be bound by international treaties or agreements if these are deemed by the...
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    From people in Gaza

    VICTORY..YES INSHAALLAH!!! but this will not come when only a <hand> of people are fighting and the rest say: <what we can do?! nothing for now!!!!> BUT WHEN??!! i dare to ask?? when we will raise against those who locked our mouth and our moves??!! they...
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    Assalamo alikom, Your words added more pain to my bleeding heart, sister. In Egypt we are also too oppressed to even raise our voices saying IT IS ENOUGH. Anyone who raises his voice is arrested and put in jail. The government did not allow any demonstrations lat Friday and closed the...
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    ENOUGH IT'S ENOUGH!!!! this was the words wich TZIPI said in Egipt right before this MASACRE start!!!! What we are waiting more to happent untill we will say the same: ENOUGH IT'S ENOUGH!!!! YOU !! Egiption muslims !!! Syrian muslims!! HOW CAN YOU STAY AND WATCH...
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    Intrebari si raspunsuri legate de islam

    draga sora inteleg foarte bine ce vrei sa spui...Si chiar acum i-am citit si sotului meu despre <a face sau nu Hajj fara Mahram> nu vreau sa intru in topate detaliile discutiei pe care am avut-o...Dar sotul meu mi-a spus ceva ce cred ca ar trebui sa meditam...
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    salamu alaycum fumatul a fost intotdeauna unul dintre lucrurile cele mai <detestate> de familia mea,asa ca si eu am crescut cu acest sentiment.Tin minte ca spuneam intotdeauna ca n-o sa ma casatoresc niciodata cu un barbat fumator.. :SMILY286: si totusi am facut-o...:)insa mi-am...
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    Salamu alaycum wa rahmatulahi wa rabaracatu Eid Mubarak for all of you - sisters and brothers:SMILY34::SMILY34: Dear sisters, I now how dificult could be to take the decision of wearing the hijab if you are living into a non-muslim was for me too...I've...
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    Assalamu alaikum I'm a new member

    wa alaycum salam wa rahmatulahi wa barakatu, dear sister! I'm happy that you join us hear on TTI! May Allah(swt) guide us only for the best! :tti_sister: and... Eid Mubarak!!!!!!:SMILY34:
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    This One is for Each of You Brothers & Sisters!!!!!!

    Kullu wa antum bher! Eid Mubarak for all of you! May Allah(swt) bless all muslims and help them to keep the right way! salamu alaycum wa rahmatulahi wa baracatu
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    Hijab killing in Toronto???

    Salamu alaycum wa rahmatulahi wa rabaracatu Thank-you brother for sharing this!! It's so helpfull..for all of us.Especially for those who lives in non-muslim countrys. And, if I wouldn't put my hijab before, I would've put it today!!! Dear sisters, I know how dificult...
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    Converts & Christmas

    my dear sister.. you open a subject wich is in my mind and my heart also(and for most of the convert people). I've never find an answer...I've only found justifications why it's Ok to say <happy holidays> to your famely and your friends, to put lights in...
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    Your way to Islam !!!!!share your story

    Salam to all! endeed great tread and stories!!! My reversion to Islam was through my muslim husbant. I grew up in an ortodox-christian famely wich was deeply rooted in religion.My dear grandfather always was crying when he was telling us the stories of the Prophets...
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    Share your funny convert stories

    exactly the same think happent for me! The diference is,that I was home -praying with my husbant- and when I fallt down I scared because I knew that it was not allowd to move during pray. So I return quickly to my place to continuu praying and in the next...
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    Dear sister -hager- Evil has so many ways to track us down...but if we turn our face to Allah(swt) and ask for forgiving and coumplishe our muslims duty, Allah in His Mercy will save His faithfull servants! Be gratefull to Allah that he saved you from making the...
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    dear sister Lilli, are so many kids who need to forget their childhood... But it is better not to...put in your mind and soul <do not make how your father did> and ask Allah (swt) to guide you and you'll have a good husbant and you'll be a great parent ( cause you already...
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    Dear sister Annette, it's a real 'jungle' out-there and our chance to have our kids protect, it's to pray Allah (swt) to gide us how to deel with them and ask Him take care of them! And I said <to Pray>!!! as muslims, we have to do our prayers like Allah (swt) order!! It's...
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    Salamu alaycum Most of us ,are parents, others will became- in sha Allah - Becaming a parent, it's not so dificult, but being a GOOD PARENTS ,Ooo, that is something!! Since we are kids,we have all kind of fears: starting with school, exams, further on career,to get...