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    قعدة مشايخ...فقرة كوميدية

    السلام عليكم قعدة مشايخ شيقه و مضحكه سبحانه الله حتى ضحكهم ليس مفرطا, وقصصهم بسيطه ولكن ملئيه بالعبر. جزاك الله عنا كل خير أختي الكريمه والسلام عليكم ورحمه الله وبركاته
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    دعوة إلى.. صفاء القلب

    :salam2: بارك الله فيك أخي أيمن وجزى الله كاتب هذا المقال القيم والسلام عليكم ورحمه الله وبركاته
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    صوم يوم عرفة

    :salam2: بارك الله فيك اخي
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    حقيقة الموت

    :wasalam: جزاك الله خيرا...
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    أبو عبيدةمن قصص الخاتمة

    :salam2: بارك الله فيك أختي وبارك الله لفظيله الشيخ نبيل العوضي والسلام عليكم
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    حقيقة الموت

    :salam2: بارك الله فيك اخي العزيز والسلام عليكم
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    Painful Questions About September 11...

    :salam2: Hijackers Alive Several Suicide Hijackers Later Turn Up Alive in the Middle East Of the 19 alleged hijackers identified by the FBI, at least six turned up alive after the attack. The FBI's identifications included names, photographs, and, in several cases, other personal...
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    Painful Questions About September 11...

    :salam2: Painful Questions About September 11: qDJHfeY&eurl iNdtTnzf5YU&eurl 5w8o4jqHwV4&eurl Wassalamu Alykom...
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    20 questions Re:London bombing psy-op allegations.

    :salam2: London Bombers Alleged Train Ride Impossible Confirmed by Chris Hudson, Communications Manager, Thameslink Rail Ltd. On 7/7 It Was Impossible For Anyone To Be At Luton at 7.22 AM And Arrive At Kings Cross Prior To 8.26 AM...
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    20 questions Re:London bombing psy-op allegations.

    :salam2: 20 questions Re: London bombing psy-op alleagations. 1) Men who were part of a secret Al Qaeda organisation, that had the ability to evaded western intelligence agencies for years, would NOT have carried documents with them, whereby they could have been identified, if captured, or...
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    How to Charge an iPod using an ONION and electrolytes

    loool.. Thats easy my brother. Nowdays technology play major rule almost in everything, yes even food. So I'll send via الرساله الساخنهhotmail.... :lol: wassalamu Alykom
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    How to Charge an iPod using an ONION and electrolytes

    :salam2: Haram aliak alkathiri I am not that rich... Since you are for Yeman I'll invite for 'Saaya'diyah' how about that? :):):) Wassalamu Alykom..
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    do u think there is genocide in somalia

    :salam2: Yes, whats going on in Somalia is genocide. Indeed many people argue about it, and believe that whats going on is civil war 'tribes'. But, I feel sad that an American brother speaks the truth far more than Somalians, and he is well aware of the whole situation in details, than many...
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    Gangster Youth

    :salam2: Jazaki Allahu khayran sister for your nice words.. I hope our youths open their eyes and minds... May I take this opportunity since many people visited your thread 'poem', to add the below link that is related to this matter.. inshallah.. A sincere message to muslim youths from...
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    How to Charge an iPod using an ONION and electrolytes

    :salam2: Depends what currency you want it for. Would Somali 'Shillin' do?:) Wassalamu Alykom..
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    A response from a detainee

    :salam2: May Allah (swt) reward you for brining this to our attention. All I can say is La hola wa la qowata ila billah. I've read his case, and I was really shocked by the evidences they provided to the jury. For instance ''In one particularly bizarre instance, the prosecutors presented...
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    How to Charge an iPod using an ONION and electrolytes

    Wa alykom assalam.. if anything happen its not my fault right?.. :) Wassalamu alykom....
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    How to Charge an iPod using an ONION and electrolytes

    :salam2: GfPJeDssBOM&NR Wassalamu Alykom....
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    Abu Nazrah

    :salam2: Welcome brother to TTI, inshallah you enjoy it, and may Allah (swt) give you baraka in your family. Amin Wassalamu Alykom..
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    السحر والشعوذة

    :salam2: السحر والشعوذة 893BOt7nm-I&feature CyAuFFY7chA&feature mQ55a47eDuw&feature sUshd27g4Pc&feature h6rHd-5FhGg&feature wassalamu alykom..