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  1. holysgiorgi

    Hello searching

    Hello, Assaalam Alaiykum! I hope you meet Muslims, I am new to Islam and I have read The Old Testament and have really come to comprehend what is important to accomplish in life to get to jannah! Be Holy!
  2. holysgiorgi

    Assalaamu Alaykum

    hey, my family isn't all for Islam either but, I know God loves me and wants the best for me. I know for a fact that He controls everything. SO I ask Him for help , To Guide Me In The Right Path, The Path That Those Whom Thou Hast Bestowed Thy Blessings, Those Who Have Not Incurred Thy...
  3. holysgiorgi

    Hello Everyone!

    hello Johnson what do you enjoy doing in life?
  4. holysgiorgi

    New Islam

    Hello everyone my name is Sean and I grew up in the suburbs of Massachusetts which is on the East Coast of the Usa. I grew up very secular and surrounded by secularists but, I recently, started searching for God and the truth of the meaning of life and I came to Islam! :D