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    Iqbal's Message to the West (1923)

    A Poem from The Message of the East (1923) O morning breeze, convey this to the Western sage from me: With wings unfolded, Wisdom is a captive all the more. It tames the lightning, but Love lets it strike its very heart: In courage Love excels that clever sorcerer by far. The eye sees just the...
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    meaning of a quranic verse

    All praise be to Allāh; The hearts of believers can only be assured through the remembrance of Allāh which occurs by the words, deeds, and intentions. And the best way to remember Allāh is to say, “There's no deity but Allāh...”...
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    La réalité de l'Unicité

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    La crainte du polythéisme

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    Tasawuf -Sufism

    Buddhist philosophers say: "Our mind is Buddha". Then they say: "It Is Not Mind, It Is Not Buddha, It Is Not Things" (A is not A) According to this logic, anyone can say "I am a Sufi but I am not a Sufi".
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    Tesavuf- sufizam u islamu

    Budistički filozofi kažu: "Naš um je Buda". Onda kažu: "Nije um, nije Buddha, nije stvar" (A nije A). U skladu toj logici, svako može reći: "Ja sam Sufij, iako nisam Sufij". (Pogledajte: Princip kontradikcije)
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    Websiteuri despre monoteismul în limba română

    Stimaţi fraţi şi surori în Islam, Stiti vreun site de unde pot citi carti despre monoteismul (unicitatea lui Dumnezeu) în limba română? Mulțumesc.
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    La Réalité du Ṭāġût

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    Tasawuf- Sufismus

    Muḥammad Quṭb schrieb in seinem Buch „Wāqi‘unā al-Mu‘āsir“ (Unsere derzeitige Situation) auf der Seite 155: „Ṣūfīsmus begann sich in der ‘Abbāsiden-Dynastie zu verbreiten, jedoch war es ein isolierter Eckbereich der Gesellschaft. Doch unter dem Schatten des Staates der Osmanen und in der...
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    Tesavuf- sufizam u islamu

    U Bosni i Hercegovini rasprostranjena je pogubna praksa obilaženja i obožavanja pojedinih kaburova i turbeta, koja je karakteristična za ljude koji se nazivaju sufijama i koji smatraju da u njima leže Allahove evlije, ljudi koji su imali nadnaravne moći i tokom života, a i sada kada su mrtvi, te...
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    Tasawuf -Sufism

    Welcome to the forum and thanks for the question. The true "Ṣūfīsm" in ancient times was very different from what today is generally called "Sufism", and was more properly defined "zuhd" (ascetic detachment). The word "Ṣūfīsm" has an uncertain etymology and several homonyms, so it can easily...
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    Do not Connect Truth to Specific Men

    Šaykh ‘Abd al-Raḥman b. Ḥasan Āl al-Šaykh said in his 'Fatḥ al-Majīd: Šarḥ Kitāb al-Tawḥīd', "Allāh – the Almighty – said, "Verily, Ibrāhīm was a Community in himself", lest those who talk the path of Islāmic Call feel lonely or desolate because of the scarcity of their like; "obedient to Allāh"...
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    I don't know what to do about my istikhara

    Wa 'alaykum us-salām, I suggest that you talk to your mom first and explain the situation to her. Every parent generally wants all the best for his or her children.
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    Faith is not by embellishment or wishful thinking...

    I entered Islâm three years ago, even if I have attested my Šahâdah already six years ago, however I had to repeat it about three years ago because I had not properly understood its meaning and implications; I was not sincerely repented nor totally dissociated from Kufr and Širk, but I thought...
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    Could anyone translate this video?

    [Abstract] In this interview, Al-Ẓawāhirī recalls the meeting between the leader of the Ṭālibān Mullā ʿUmar and the head of Saudi Arabia’s intelligence agency Turkī Al-Faīṣal, which was intended to discuss the expulsion of Bin Lāden from Afġānistān, and according to Al-Ẓawāhirī, in that...
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    Question: aaaaa

    Praise be to Allāh, the Lord of the Worlds; No scholar has questioned the general obligation of learning Arabic language, and there is a unanimous consensus between them on the general obligation of learning and teaching Arabic. But the scholars have ruled that this obligation is a [general]...