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    signatures made by (me)

    these are really nice
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    :salam2: can anybody help me how to post my new threads and ask my question to people and sister. as i am trying to post on wall and fail to do so.:girl3:
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    i couldn't reply or post a topic!!

    assalamoalaikum!sister i also have same problame. i am trying to post new thread and asking some questions but all time fail to do. can any body help me to solve this problm. may allah help you in any matter of life.:hearts:
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    I am a convert please continue to read on..

    sister i read your story. it is sad but now i hope every thing is going good in your life and you are living very happily as wife of ahmed. lots of prayers for you both. be proud as muslim and always tried to be a good muslim. :hearts:
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    Life as a girl...

    your are very right sister :)
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    Life as a girl...

    I am proud to be a girl:hijabi:
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    My baby is ill need every bodys dua

    Dear brother i will pray for sure. :tti_sister: May Allah give him good health forever.... you can recite Ya Salamo 4 him. and as well Sora Rehman. Just faith on God He will help you. i do hope soon you will me good news. God Bless you and your family especially your son.
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    Is there an ignore feature?

    Assalamualaikum ukhti! i dnt know exactly what you are trying to say. can you plz explain it for me plz sister.