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    Salammz to all here....

    :wasalam: welcome to you here so glad to see you among us hoping you can benefit with us aslam alikom
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    aslam alikom aslam alikom you may check this article .. hope you find something useful Islamic views on contraception Islamic medicine has known about birth control for centuries - for example the Muslim writers Avicenna (980-1037) and Al-Razi (d 923 or 924) refer to different methods...
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    Salaam!! from England

    salaam alikom so nice to see ya among us welcome to you in TTI .. it's kinda a new family where you can enjoy yr time salam alikom
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    A Salaam Alaikum

    :wasalam: it's our great pleasure to see ya among us welcome to you to TTI .. and have a nice time take care :salam2:
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    hiii everyone

    howy welcome to you in our Islamic website TTI we're glad to see ya among us wish you all the best , bro take care
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    islamic signature

    :salam2: thank you for these nice signatures ! God bless you
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    Male Names

    :salam2: Hady
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    Which country??

    :salam2: I wanna go to Saudi Arabia :inshallah: , coz i'm so eager to visit Makka and Almadina for pilgrimage.. thanx
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    what kind of people are you ??

    Three kinds of people in the world: the dumb make mistakes and don't learn from them, the smart make mistakes and learn much from them, and the wise learn from others' mistakes which one are you among them ???!!!!
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    Be careful of what you say !!!!

    A group of frogs were travelling through the woods, and two of them fell into a deep pit. When the other frogs saw how deep the pit was, they told the two frogs that they were as good as dead. the two frogs ignored the comments and tried their best to jump up out of the pit the other...
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    AOA Everyone

    :salam2: welcome to you ... have a nice time with us wish you all the best
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    can i get some wellcome?

    aslam alikom :salam2: Bro Welcome to you warmly.. it's our pleasure to see you among us have a nice time in joining us !!
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    Aslam alikom

    thanks alot , bro .. and wish you the best ... :salam2:
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    Hello everyone!

    Aslam alikom , Bro welcome to you here wish you all the best in the forum ........... Enjoy your time :salam2:
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    Hey I'm new!

    Aslam alikom Welcome to you among your brothers in Islam.. we're much glad to see you joing us .. have a nice time and wish you all the best !
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    Aslam alikom

    thanks alot for yr consideration May Allah bless all of us ! see ya
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    Aslam alikom

    the same to u , bro.. thank you
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    Aslam alikom

    many thnx for your warm welcome , sis all the best for you
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    :salam2: Rome... Italy
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    Male Names

    :salam2: Ibrahim